The Sex & the City 2 Spin

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I’m probably one of the biggest Sex & the City fans there is.¬† I love the glamour, the fashion, the personalities and of course New York ūüôā¬† I loved the first movie and I love the Sequel even more.¬† But for glamour’s sake, I think I need to lessen the STC2 spin on Abu Dhabi and Arabs in general so any of you who haven’t been there know what it’s really like. I’ve lived in the Middle East for over 10 years (Beirut, Kuwait, Dubai) and…

  • I’ve never seen sand nor a camel unless I sign up for an excursion just as they did.
  • Only 20 – 30% of ladies and men wear the traditional wear which hardly ever consists of the Burqa covering the whole face.¬† Last I checked, that was only in certain areas of KSA.
  • Most of the women and men in all these countries dress just the same as Western ladies do if not sexier.
  • Let me take the above statement one step further and¬†state that most us “Middle Easterners” are actually Westerners with dual nationalities that were born or lived most of our lives outside of the Middle East.
  • If you had sex on the beach in America, you’d also be put away for a considerable amount of time.
  • That wasn’t Abu Dhabi… It was Morocco… Abu Dhabi is modern, green and stunningly new.

As one last statement on the matter, I invite everyone living outside of the Middle East to come and witness our beauty of nature, our architecture, our history, our vibrant lives, our charm and our glamour.  You might never return back home. 

Shop Talk Beirut

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I’ve recently started a new website called Shop Talk Beirut that documents all the nice places I go during my week ūüôā¬† I try to give as much information as possible to offers Beirutis or people getting ready to pass through Beirut some nice ideas to put on their itineraries.¬† There is so much to do in Beirut, all you really need is a good guide.¬†




New Life’s Resolutions!

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As many can agree, 2009 was a pretty crap year for most people.¬† For me, 2009 was a year of upside down change.¬† Not that I’m regretting it now, but the way the change happened wasn’t too comforting for anyone who’s not a fan of quick and non reversable change.¬† I as well as most of my friends are happy to have stepped into a new year.¬† Being that I am 31 this year, I am stepping into a new decade as well.¬†

To be quite honest with you, I haven’t been warming up to the idea of 30 +.¬† The main reason for this is because I am seeing alot of change in my face and body over night.¬†¬† Not only do I have one or two wrinkles now, but all the sudden I have alot when I smile.¬† My skin isn’t naturally toned on its own anymore and I can hardly breath if I walk up more than 10 steps.¬† Granted, I can blame it on¬†the fact that I’ve been careless to elder’s advice of taking care of myself in my 20’s because I truly thought I was different than everyone else ūüôā¬†

Anyway all that said,¬† I have made resolutions for a life change and not just a Year change because I figure if all those true life stories of change as well as miracle celebrity change can happen, I can suck it up and make some change for myself!¬† So here they are, once and for all… I will create a new folder called Transformation to document any progress posts I make and to post any resources that might help others attempting some of the same resolutions.¬†


1.  No more Smoking EVER AGAIN

2.  Moisturize Рmorning with regular Clarins moisturizer.  Night with olive oil

3.¬† Join a gym – cardio 40 min 3 times a week.¬† Strength – 3 times a week¬† (can’t do this till Mid Feb)¬† :¬† Somehow I managed to lose alot of weight in 2009 so my body is the shape I want it, but I really want to tone and be healthy.

4.  Take my vitamins Р(multivitamin)


Well that’s what I can think of for now.¬† Will keep you updated on the progress of my Resolutions.¬† I will NOT fall off the wagon anymore because I can’t afford to if I want to remain looking similar to what I do now when I’m 40 ūüôā

Oprah Welcomes Nancy but Hurts Lebanon

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I was so disappointed to see the teaser campaign promoting Nancy Ajram’s appearance on the Oprah Show.¬†¬† While Nancy Ajram came out looking like a gem in the Middle East, the images and narrative posted about Lebanon were pure propaganda and portrayed an overall image of Lebanon that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Over 15,000 Lebanese Facebook users have waged a non stop petition against this campaign entitled “Dear Oprah, Lebanon is NOT like that!”¬†which has proved as a united Lebanese front from all countries and all ages.

Oprah has built an impressive empire by way of her objectivity, compassion and¬†stature as a pioneer in the African American community.¬† Being all this, I can’t see how she could accept to post a teaser campaign with images and information that can’t be found anywhere online or through visitor’s opinions.¬† I am just hoping that Nancy will be strong enough to stand up for Lebanon and tell the truth about this amazing country!

Let’s BING

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Recently Microsoft launched it’s new search engine BING¬†to bring a whole new meaning to surfing online.¬† Given that I love searching for new information, google is an engine I can’t live without.¬† But it’s exciting to see that there is a new search engine that seems somewhat close enough to potentially compete.¬† After watching a documentary on CNN and some other adverts, I automatically started testing it out.¬†¬† I tested out Kuwait and I liked how¬†the search results automatically gave me heading options into what I was looking for.¬†¬†For example, when I¬†Binged “Kuwait”, I got choices under headings of Weather, Maps,¬†Jobs and Newspapers.¬†¬†I also enjoyed how when searching for videos, all you have to do is¬†roll your mouse over the video and it starts automatically with no loading or delay which means you can scan any video you want without having to actually open it in¬†its original link.¬†

That’s all I can tell you for now, but it’s definitly got alot if not more of¬†what we love in google.¬† So it’s worth a shot.¬† ¬†

Rolling Down the Street in a BMW 7 Series

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For the last week I have confiscated Hanx’ car which is a BMW¬†7 series¬†while he’s abroad.¬† I have to say, after getting used to that car and the luxury and comfort it offers, I’m not sure I can go back to my car or any car for that matter.¬† For all you guys reading this, I’m not a car addict so I can’t give you specs… But what I can tell you is that it’s like you’re driving a plane or a tank.¬† There is so much space and it rides so smoothly.¬† More importantly, you pretty much don’t have to do anything other than turn the car on and off by the press of a button.¬† The lock opens automatically when the key is anywhere in range.¬† You turn the car on and the mirrors and seats adjust automatically.¬† You reverse and the sensors show up on the screen in the middle of the car to tell you exactly how far you¬†are from¬†anything¬†on every side.¬† It’s got a fridge in the handrest and the car amazingly cools within seconds even with the blistering heat of Kuwait.¬† I’ve never been one for BMW’s or cars that are as big as a boat but now I finally see why Hanx bought this car.¬† This is the first time I’m actually not looking forward to him coming home ūüėČ

So for any of you who have the cash and want to make a luxury investment, you should check these cars out.   

Does Everything Really Happen for a Reason?

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Parents and elders and even friends seem to give you the same line during times of distress or when things don’t go as you planned… “Everything happens for a reason” or “You will have whatever God has planned for you.”¬† I’m starting to actually believe that lately¬†but if this is the case, couldn’t it happen in a more graceful manner??¬† This has literally been the crappiest year of my life between the¬†economic¬†crisis and other personal matters which I won’t discuss right now and my life has panned out¬†over the last 6 months¬†without offering me any control over the situation.¬† And for any of you control freaks out there (or who¬†atleast like to give it your best shot), it really annoys the hell out of you.¬†¬†But after a couple or many smacks in the face, you start to think¬†“Oh what the hell, bring it on cuz it can’t possibly get worse.” ¬†So after giving it all I had to no avail, I have decided to let the powers that be do their thing and just sit back and watch¬† whatever else is planned in order to find the¬†reason that all this happened to me this year.¬† But in the meantime until that happens, I am hoping I won’t hear that line again unless the person saying it has an answer to that question.

By the way,¬†I’m not raging ;)…¬† Surprisingly enough, I actually feel quite content which is strange given the circumstances.¬† I just felt like¬†expressing.¬†

The Thirty-Something Crisis

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Love and gossip¬†may be the topics that twenty-somethings talk¬†most about,¬†but weight and getting healthy¬†are almost sure to top the list among thirty-something chit chat.¬† More specifically, coming to terms with the fact that weight just doesn’t drop off as quickly and as effortlessly as it did during the twenties.¬† My friends and I constantly talk about our mission to get back into the shape we were in 10 years ago.¬† Even the other day at the beach, I overheard a bunch of guys in their thirties sharing their disappointment on how hard they are having to work to get ripped and to lose their evergrowing gut. It’s a sad reality.¬† I can guarantee that the majority of my fellow gymmates are in their thirties giving it all they have to maintain what twenty-somethings take for granted.¬†

I’ve been going to the gym every other day and combining a mix of weights followed by cardio… high / low intensity cardio (running/walking/stepping) and i’m think i’ve got the hang of it for the next 10 years ūüėȬ† But hell… if 30 is like this, what the hell is 40 and 50 gonna be like???

Beautiful Madrid

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I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted.¬† I’m actually posting today to test if I still remember how to do this.¬† So many times I’ve wanted to post things but then I was like “what’s the point if I’m only gonna do it every now and then” but maybe every now and then is better than nothing at all.


I just got back from Spain a week ago… Madrid to be specific.¬† What an amazing city.¬† That city miraculously combines all the beauties of Europe into one cozy and clean setting.¬† It has the grand monuments and architecture down to the tiny details of the cobblestone narrow walkways.¬† The weather is fresh and clean (as compared to other smog filled cities).¬† The people are very friendly yet don’t speak much english.¬† Madrid is¬†only a¬†short distance to other beautiful cities like Toledo and Segovia.

On my way back to Kuwait, I stopped in to London in the evening.¬† And being in the window seat I got to watch in awe at the most breathtaking view of London by night.¬† The city was so beautifully lit.¬† And there were literally 10 other planes circling London with us.¬† Right after we landed we stayed in the plane for a while and I noticed that at any one time, there are three planes in descent to land.¬† It was amazing to watch.¬† Every time one plane lands, you look up and 3 are also in the process without fail.¬† I watched for a good twenty minutes and they just kept coming in every 2 minutes.¬† I truly wonder how those “Air space” guys manage to keep all those planes safely up in the air.

Anyway I think I spoke enough for now.¬† Just checking in.¬†¬† Hope you’re all doing well.

Rotating Towers in Dubai & Moscow

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Dubai has once again outdone itself and the rest of the world with its new project called Dynamic Architecture  by David Fisher which basically are moving skyscrapers or rotating towers.  Watch the comprehensive Video on this new type of skyscraper and what can be expected from the first project of its kind located in Dubai and Moscow.  You can even visit the website on the link above and reserve your place.

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