A Fresh Perspective

November 8, 2007 at 12:46 pm | Posted in Dear Diary | 1 Comment

This is my first blog and I’m quite new to the whole thing. I only really understood the whole concept about 2 weeks ago. Then I started going onto some of my friend’s blogs and I found them so interesting. I had no idea there was a world out there where you could just free your thoughts and basically comment on just about anything you feel like. I mean yeah there’s chat and almost everything is done over the internet these days, but there is something so freeing about the option to remain anonymous.

Anyway, after originally reading posts with a smirk on my face while thinking to myself, first i don’t have time for this and second what the heck am I gonna say. I found myself opening up my friend’s blogs more often and wanting to comment more and more on their posts. More importantly, my eyes were opening to a world of new possibilities or topics of discussion around me…. Interesting facts, ideas, images, views, pictures, food and so on. I am slowly taking an interest in discussing things that I would never have taken an interest to, especially in my fast paced daily routine.

Life has become so fast that we rarely have time to just stop look around and absorb what’s going on around us. Only yesterday I was just starting my 20’s but now in less than a year I will be starting my 30’s. I can honestly say that this is the first year I really stop to enjoy this decade of my life. A bit too late but better late than never. It will soon be time to turn a new page, but not without a fresh perspective.


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  1. Keep writing! It’s freeing, and it helps you bring out some thoughts that remain very deep within you.
    Lots of love,
    Reem Saleh, Paris 14 Nov 2007

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