Finding Home

November 9, 2007 at 7:59 am | Posted in Dear Diary, Eye on Kuwait | 2 Comments

A common discussion between my friends and I is the concept of “home” or ” belonging”. Since the end of university, we have all been on a quest to find “a place we can call home.” A place where we feel that we belong. We are all frequent flyers who travel endlessly for work, for pleasure, for culture and to be closer to those we love. And somehow, we all ended up in different corners, away from each other and away from our families.

My quest began in my second year of work. I was born and raised in the states until I was 17. My family decided to move back to Lebanon so in summer 1996, off we went. And for about 6 years, I was in heaven. I had my best friends from school and university who were all Lebanese or Middle Eastern but raised somewhere else just like me. I could never have imagined leaving Lebanon. I loved the ambience, the people, the places, the weather… One by one, my friends started to travel leaving me as the last one standing about 2 years ago. All of the sudden, Lebanon was a depressing hole that only got better during Holidays when my friends returned home. Of course, the political situation didn’t help much.

I finally decided to leave after going back and forth on the concept about 25 times. I applied to Dubai and was about to move when out of the blue I get an offer from a company in Kuwait. And within 2 weeks, it worked and I was on my way to Kuwait – and I wasn’t excited AT ALL.

Six months down the line, I’m loving it. I love its slow pace, I love the quality of people, the good friends I have made, the growth that’s happening now, the close proximity to the rest of the Gulf, the strength of the dinar, and the fact that its only 2 hours away from Lebanon. I went to Lebanon about 4 months after I arrived to Kuwait and I felt so out of place. I was looking forward to going back to Kuwait – my new home. Who knew that somewhere that noone would ever dream of moving would be the place that suits me to a tee!

As for my best friends, they ended up in Brazil and Spain. Of course our choices could change in the future because we are all changing and our tastes and needs change with it. So I guess home is where you find yourself happy. It might be due to love or work or family or culture or a combination of all. Or there might be no reason at all.

But for the time being… Kuwait is the place I call home.



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  1. Home is when you decide to transform a space to a place. Only you are the master of your own destiny and have the right to decide where is home for you. Sometimes you travel around the world to realise home is where you were born or lived before, and sometimes you continue to search, and one day you will find a space that feels like it could be your place.

    -Reem Saleh, Paris 14 Nov 2007 (I saw the comment you made about Rawa and I, I’m still not in Brazil, but that is where I will call home soon!) Kisses

  2. very touching piece babe…the search is hectic but at the end its worth it…to me home will always be where my heart(family and friends)is…its not a place or a ocuntry…its a room…the family living room…and streets, cafes and restaurants that hold fond memories from all around the world..happy?now im homesick

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