Introducing Babycakes!

November 19, 2007 at 1:19 pm | Posted in Dear Diary | 2 Comments

I absolutely adore this name. It shocked me when i was first given the nickname from a good american friend of mine and I would laugh and laugh each time I heard it. But slowly I came to adore it. From that nickname, I took the idea to name my blog “for the love of blush, cake & romance.” I trully believe that no matter how strong a girl is from the outside and how different we claim to be from other girls, we all still have a weakness for beauty products, delicious food and love. I’m the first to stand up and admit!
So I made this blog to be a one stop shop for any modern woman who is doing her thing out there and loves to indulge every once in a while in whatever it may be.


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  1. awww! It’s Pink & you got “cake” in your name! I love you already! welcome aboard! I am the “male basher” of the blogging sphere! LOL! ok.. I sound so hyper right now! Yalla! post all along! o drop by 3andee!

  2. Hey Chikapappi.
    Thanks for your sweet words. I will keep up my posts. I’m still new at this so i can’t promise amazing things but I will just write whatever comes to mind.
    I’ll check your blog out now.

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