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November 27, 2007 at 12:24 pm | Posted in Blog Files | 3 Comments

What a busy week this has been for me. Work has been chaotic which has obviously has caused a lag in other areas of my life including my blog. I finally met up with a few friends last night and the subject of my blog came up. A good friend had asked me why I hadn’t posted anything in a few days which led to a full out debate about the purpose of your blog as well as the classifications of a good blog. But the main argument was whether your blog is for you to do whatever you want with it or do you have a commitment to your public.

I must admit, I did feel guilty over the last few days for not posting anything to my blog and then with my friend’s comment on my lagging, I confirmed to myself that I do want to live up to the expectations of my public, however small it maybe. Yes I am doing this blog for myself but not to use it as an online journal of my life, but rather to share my thoughts, findings and interesting pieces of info I come across. I’m sure if it is of interest to me, there would be others somewhere who would find the same interest.

So anyway, in an effort to keep up my blog and to improve it to where both my blogger friends and I are satisfied; I would love to receive ideas on what types of posts everyone would like to see or what for them represents the ideal blog. Until then, I will keep improvising 🙂



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  1. There’s nothing called the ideal blog – each blog IS special because it represents the person behind it.. I do feel guilty too when I slack on writing something, come to think of it – it’s like a different life, where I interact with people whom I like & respect (some)..

    What to do to make it better?! Hmm, nothing! I like it the way it is – maybe more food posts :p Bas all in all, it’s cute, simple & the ideas behind it are cute!

  2. Yeah it really is a different life and I am really enjoying it. But why not make it better while i’m at it. I will definitly look into more food things. That’s one of my favorite subjects 😉

  3. as i told u, ur blog shud reflect u and the way u think and share the things you find interesting. That is the main point. Ofcourse, u have to thing of the public too when u realize that ur readers are growing in number and u have a responsibility towards them. but dont think or believe that ur blog is a committment, at least not yet, otherwise it will drive u mad. I think u r doing a great job so far, keep it up!

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