A Smoker’s Dilemma

November 29, 2007 at 1:42 pm | Posted in The Smoker's Room | 2 Comments
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Hi all. I was reading up on the NY Times today and I found this article “From Smoking Boom, A Major Killer of Women,” that was quite frightening. I’m a smoker myself, for 13 years now, and I’ve been looking for a reason to stop or a way how. This article may do the trick cuz it just scared the hell out of me. You know when you hear or read something and u start feeling the symptoms 😉 I mean i sometimes have wheezing and i can’t walk up 3 flights of stairs to save my life.

I have stopped around 3 times but not for longer than 3 months and I would always require some equally addictive form of assistance. The one that worked for me the most were Nicorettes – Mint. I guess the reason it worked so well is because I remained busy chewing away throughout the day and the nicotine goes straight into your bloodstream through your gum. The problem is that I couldn’t stop the Nicorettes. After looking up into Nicorette addiction, I found a lot of people with my same exact problem. One day I decided to try a ciggie and immediately my passion for the habit returned. I ended up smoking and chewing Nicorettes which isn’t exactly the healthiest combination.

So now I’m preparing myself mentally to give this quitting thing one last and final go. One thing that did work wonders for me was this website called www.quitnet.com. They emailed me every single day telling me how much money and how many hours of my life I had saved since my quit date. They also included tips on how to avoid temptation. Surprisingly, this support system worked really well for me. Unfortunately, I still receive a check up email from them till now which makes me regret starting up again. As of my last mail, I had saved 704$ and 1 month and 17 hours of my life.

So here’s my new plan… Hopefully this time it will work. I will keep you all updated and I’d appreciate your suggestions if you have any.

1. Break the psychological habit: I will use Nicorettes for 3 months just to get over the pleasure of hand to mouth action. I personally believe breaking the habits created around smoking are the hardest part.

2. Break the physical need: After 2 months I will start chewing massive amounts of gum so that I can start cutting down on my intake of nicotine.

3. Spoil myself: Every month I will use the money I saved from not smoking to indulge in something special for myself.

I know i won’t be able to cut the habit this month but maybe in January. Fingers Crossed!



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  1. well, enshallah you will do it girl bas it ll depends on how many fags to have a day, some people alsp should start doing that e7em e7em

  2. good luck with that 🙂 wish cud say i will join u 😉

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