The IPhone

December 2, 2007 at 9:27 am | Posted in Fab Finds | 3 Comments
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I finally got my hands on the Iphone yesterday. After hearing so much about it and seeing the rush of sales going on in the States, I thought I would never get the chance. But sure enough, my uncle brought it with him from the States. Unfortunately he had to break the code because it can’t be used outside of the states otherwise. I fumbled with it for about half an hour to see what its all about. Wow that phone has alot of applications. Itunes, Ipod, GPS, 17 games, and anything else you can imagine. But it can be quite hard to get used to in the beginning and its not very easy to press the buttons on the screen. Sometimes I would have to press the buttons more than once to get it to process, especially when trying to make a phone call. The thing that bothered me the most is that the battery runs out very quickly. But it’s still an all in one which is a good start. Time Magazine rated it the Best Invention of the Year and included its pros and cons for anyone interested in looking into it.



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  1. congrats babe, it’s hot 🙂

  2. nice nice nice 🙂 mabrook babe 🙂 if u had not gotten me a bday gift, i wud have settled for this one 😛

  3. Hi,
    Its really fantastic to read this kind of the post .This is really a good creation . This is really awesome .I like the imagination of yours

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