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I am so waiting to get to Beirut so I can get some of the key products of the Kenzoki line. I bought two products for them last year and fell so in love with the smell and the claims (I’m such a consumer 😉 that I went and asked for testers for all of their products. Last month, it hit me that I have to have those products. Not just a few of them but ALL of them. I miss the smell and how nicely they work on my skin. And I must say that hands down they have the best written material I have ever read. Talk about “living the experience” through text. It targets each and every one of your senses and creates such a powerful call to action in my opinion. But that’s just me 🙂

I decided to pull out the text material for my favorites among products. Enjoy!

Crème qui fait belle
A velvet-soft feel that tactfully teases the skin. A quick glance in the mirror, no mistaking, the face beams, beautiful, tempting, moisturized like never before. It captures the light, it radiates, you are a star. Breathe in. Sensual power of a rice-scented fragrance. At the heart of the formula is rice plant water, rich in essential oils, trace elements and mineral salts. Plus silk extract and cotton oil,w
ith moisturizing* properties. And light reflectors. Finally, ruscus for rosy cheeks and a fresh complexion.

Very Sensual White Oil
The first pleasure is smell. Its mellow perfume, built around a fragrance of rice steam stimulates sensuality. A talc-tactile smell that encourages close contacts. Then comes touch. The advantage of a formula in complete osmosis with the skin: the rice plant water that distils its beneficial actions (essential oils, trace elements and mineral salts). Almond oil and vitamin E to soften the skin, myrrhextracts that have regenerating properties and cotton oil that helps moisturize*. All these constitute a unique mixture of active ingredients that immediately nourish the skin on application. As one might imagine, its whiteness invites one to a novel pleasure. A personal or unusual bilateral massage. Enjoy the soft, undulating caresses that gently follow every curve of the body. Heaven.

Crème de nuit blanche (twilight cream)
Just like after a long, peaceful night’s sleep, even if the night was short and eventful. Beforehand: a sensation so soft it will knock you off your feet, the cream melts into the skin, makes it soft, enticing, ready for cuddling. Then: during the night, the cream works unsuspectedly on your face. A whole myriad of power packed agents to replenish, moisturize*, rest and plump up your skin. Belle denuit, soothing and moisturizing*, da-zao, softening, kombucha, plumping and radiance-restoring effect, and beech bud extract, regenerative. All of these are boosted by rice plant water, extracted from the heart of the plant without resorting to chemicals. And that’s without the sensual power of the fragrance built around a rice steam note. In the morning: the face looks radiant, relaxed, with a content grin. For all skins that want to tantalize any time of day or night.



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  1. sounds sooo good! I love pampering myself like that. Kenzo products are great..

  2. Aren’t they! They’re my weakness 🙂 I’m such a sucker for beauty products. lol

  3. at last! i found them even like this..please please tell me if i can find them online to buy you i’ve fallen in love with a face day cream by kenzo two years ago..i bought it on amsterdam airport and since them i am looking for you know where i can find them? i live in greece and i could not find them here ..can you help me please?

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