If you are going to dress the part.. then ACT it!

December 17, 2007 at 8:26 am | Posted in Girltalk | 2 Comments

Yesterday I was sitting at the bank waiting for my turn and this very elegantly dressed women walks in. She was decked out from head to toe. Perfect black dress with accessories and shoes and bag and impeccably manicured nails and groomed hair. Everyone just stopped and watched her walk through. She also had to wait so she came and sat beside me. As we were waiting she received a phone call and started yelling at the person on the other line telling them that “how dare she do that to me that bitch, I swear I will get her that daughter of a dog. Who does she f…… think she is talking to.” This conversation went on for atleast 5 minutes. She even used words that a man wouldn’t say when he is fuming. I was personally in shock. I mean if you are going to look like perfection, why ruin it with vulgarity. After that, her look didn’t matter cuz it was completely jaded by her words. I can imagine it as a perfect piece of fruit with a rotten inside.

Lesson: If you are going to take all that time to make yourself look like a piece of art. You should act like one too otherwise there is absolutely no point at all.



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  1. yeah, seen that before those are the worst kind actually – I tend to stay away :$

  2. I agree with you, how can you be bold enough ena etsebeen chthi jedam elnaas + u look so pretty why ruin it ;$ a5yas shay w7da elsanha 6oweel ;/

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