The Horoscopes for 2008 are in!

January 3, 2008 at 11:05 am | Posted in Girltalk, Surfin the Web | 2 Comments
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One of my personal favorite horoscope sites to visit when I need answers 😉 is Milton Black. I am not a horoscope die hard fanatic but I do believe that they can offer a nice guideline of what “could be”. Whether they are wrong or right, its always nice to think you might know the future:)

Milton Black is excellent at giving detailed information about a horoscope, info about the upcoming year and compatibility between two horoscopes. Although there are some subscription based services, most of his site is free and DETAILED unlike the rest of the sites who give you an inch so you can buy the mile.

Check out your “horoscope at a glance” and find out all the information under the same headlines as posted for my horoscope: The Leo.

Leo at a Glance
The Leo Personality
Leo in Love
Health and Wellbeing
Career and Occupation
The Leo Woman
The Leo ManLeo in 2008
Major Trends
Romance and Friendship
Professions, Career and Work
Luck and Money
Wellbeing and Nutrition
Beauty Days … January to March

Happy Reading !!



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  1. you know baby cakes, I am in doubt now when it comes to that :/

  2. In doubt when it comes to what? Horoscopes or his credibility?

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