Do Loyalty Schemes Payoff?

January 9, 2008 at 10:05 am | Posted in Eye on Beirut, Eye on Kuwait, Girltalk | Leave a comment

In the last year, I’ve been open to exploring alternative means of making money or saving money for that matter and not just blowing them off as cheap change. Because as we get older and responsiblity hits like a pound of rocks holding you down, you quickly realize without shame that “every penny counts.” So far I’m a loyalty card holder for IKEA, Sultan Center, Middle East Airlines (MEA) and I’m a potential winner of the Al Jawhara Account ;).MEA Cedar Miles: I’m very satisfied with my MEA Cedar Miles Card. I’ve already cashed in 2 free trips in the last two years. The good news is that this scheme applies to MEA as well as other airlines in partnership with MEA such as KLM, Air France and Qatar Airways Plus they always do offers like “half points promotions” where you only have to present half the points required to get a free trip. Or if you take a specific trip they mention, you can earn up double the regular amount of points. And then you have the Bank Audi Cedar Miles Card to back it up. It’s a very reasonable and rewarding scheme.

IKEA: I can’t say much yes about this program as I only recently joined. But it seems straight forward and to the point. Each KD = 1 point. You can use every 500 points as 5KD at the IKEA store. I mean if you are gonna shop there anyway, an extra 5KD doesn’t hurt.
Sultan Center: I have about 319 points now and nothing to do with them. I can redeem each 100 points for 1KD but I prefer to wait for some good offer to come along. It’s been 6 months with the same offer. (posted below) I mean maybe its working for other people but I wish they would change more often to give other people something useful for them.

NBK – Jawhara Account: I’ve had the account for about 4 months and I know chances are slim but I still have a good feeling about it. I like the fact that there are 100 winners each month. Those are much better odds than 1 big winner!

In my opinion, loyalty does payoff, not only because you can save here and than but more importantly because it puts your conscious at ease knowing that each time you refill that card or that account, there is a larger chance that something good may be waiting for you. I mean if you’re going to buy the stuff anyway, why not enroll for future surprises.


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