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I’ve read in so many places that it’s so good for a person to take the time out to create their own personal “Happy List”. This way in down times or whenever a pick up is needed, there’s an automatic remedy or atleast a light at the end of the tunnel. I decided to write mine last year with my best friend because we were getting so bored and running out of ideas. So each of us went home and started on our lists. It was crazy how much of our list was almost identical. What also amazed us were all the things that we could be doing to make ourselves happy that we completely skipped our minds. Ever since then, I keep it in a safe place on my laptop for quick reference. And without fail, it makes me smile every time.

  • Buying a magazine
  • Buying a good novel – especially the girly ones about girls like me “making it”
  • Getting a massage
  • Going to a nice restaurant
  • Going to an exhibition
  • Taking a vacation (even if its in the country)
  • Having a set schedule for my day (knowing what’s going to happen. I love being busy but knowing what I will be busy with).
  • Enjoying the luxury life for a day (like in a hotel with a nice warm bath & fluffy bed)
  • Having a “city day” – I love city life but its hard to have in Beirut but maybe we could enjoy Downtown or Verdun during the day and hit the night scene together at night.
  • Enjoying the sea on a beautiful day (even if its just watching it)
  • Having a coffee with a friend and talking about nonsense that has nothing to do with ourselves.
  • Going out with a group of friends anywhere (dinner, clubbing, coffee).
  • Playing Monopoly
  • Playing Pictionary
  • Doing an outdoor activity that could be fun like playing beach volleyball
  • Feeling pretty – when I get a nice outfit and having somewhere to wear it.
  • Taking a bath
  • Candles
  • Dancing
  • Good music
  • Beauty products
  • Having a “Beauty Day”
  • Going on an actual date – romantic dinner and all
  • Simple jewelry
  • Chatting with my best friends
  • Going to an interesting seminar (learning something new & meeting new people)
  • Pastel colors
  • Shades of blue
  • Arriving at the airport
  • London – anything that has to do with London
  • Helping someone who isn’t fortunate
  • Having a good laugh
  • Living my age once in a while – I would love a day where I don’t give a shit about anything but what I’m doing. Like going to a popular beach, dancing and drinking and having a good time.
  • Sour candy
  • Watching a funny or romantic comedy.
  • Going on a spending spree (when I have the money to do it).
  • Watching a good TV series
  • Learning something new (taking a course or being taught)
  • Trying something new (anything)
  • Going to a mall and just walking around
  • Having an anniversary to look forward to each month
  • Joining a dance class – I always wanted to be a dancer when I was younger (so at least I could try a course for the fun of it. Types: fun stuff like hip hop or Caracalla or jazz).
  • Playing Boggle
  • Reading a good Self Help Book
  • A good cup of tea (with honey & milk)
  • The number “26” or split separately “2” & “6”
  • Even numbers
  • Playing computer games (strategy games) where you have to build something, help it grow and maintain so it succeeds.
  • Rollerblading or rollerskating (I have my blades in Baakline).
  • Being a part of an Association (if there are any other than Lions and Masons). – But I’m not sure if that would make me happy.
  • Buying people gifts and surprising them
  • Lighting up a cigarette – oooooooooooh how I miss it.
  • Looking forward to something … anything. I love having something to look forward to.


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