Enough is Enough

January 15, 2008 at 7:52 pm | Posted in Eye on Beirut | Leave a comment
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Earlier today, Qarantina a northern area of Beirut was the location of yet another explosion in Lebanon.  Until now, three are reported dead and around 20 wounded.  One of the targets was a US embassy car which can not be good news.  Every Lebanese around the world is currently holding their heart in their hands as they try to get through the jammed phone lines to those they love.  Especially since the area where the bomb happened was in an area where most people pass through atleast once during their day. 

This situation is becoming ridiculous.  Yes the Lebanese people have become accustomed to such occurences due to the civil war and have learned how to continue their lives normally without being affected by the stress of not knowing what will happen but I think we have crossed the line of one bomb too many.   The once beautiful and envied life of the Lebanese has changed drastically from a passionate love to an emptiness that can’t be filled. Youth are being forced to look for work outside their country in the Gulf or the West in order to support their families who they leave behind while those who remain in Lebanon are living in such an enormous amount of stress that most of them are on anti-depressants and living a very routine unsociable life which is not at all typical to Lebanese culture. 

How do we know that the problem is reaching a stage that may be irreversable?  By measuring the hope left of the Lebanese people.  Lebanese people worldwide will never be home unless they are in Lebanon.  They wait for any holiday or even day off to hop on a plane and run home.  If you ask any one of them how long they will be away from Lebanon, they will tell you one or two years or as soon as the situation gets a bit better.  Well my dad, uncle, aunt, friend’s parents and so on said the same thing 30 years ago and they are still waiting and hoping.  They keep sending money and buying lands and homes and listening to songs of Lebanon’s return.  But after the drama of the last year, more and more Lebanese expats are letting go of this dream.   That is all I can say.  I am so saddened for Lebanon and I am constantly praying for stability, praying for my family’s safety, praying for nothing less than a miracle.


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