How to REALLY get a man in 10 days

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What 80% of girls don’t know about guys? This is for women only, so men, don’t peak. In this series, I will be telling you secrets about men that will change the way you handle any relationship for ever. I will also be telling you what to do, how to act , types of men that you should be with, what men think and want, how to handle situations like first move, first date, first period of a relationship and how to fix a bad relationship. If you think I am just giving you incentives to read my series, think again. I promise you that by the time you finish my series; you will have a different perspective about relationships and how to control them not to mention hiting yourself on the head thinking “Why didn’t I do that”.  It’s so simple to become the “Perfect women”, well almost, at least in your man eyes. So let’s start.

A little about me: I am nicknamed Mr. Big. I didn’t choose that name, I got that name from my best friend (Future “Misses Big”) that loves “Sex in the city” series and compares me to Mr. Big. To be frank, I never “really” watched it, and consider myself far in looks from the real Mr. Big, but from the male ego and macho point of view, the word “BIG” is always catchy so what the heck, I’ll  take it if you don’t mind.


I am a MAN (obviously) who is pissed off by the fact that MOST girls has become so weak nowadays in relationships without any control of where these relationships are heading and many are still singles. So if you are in this category, single or in a non-controllable relationship, as a bride or a girlfriend or even friend, this is for you as I will be giving you male secrets and exposing the man’s “Achilles Heel” when it comes to relationships.

Day one: Down the Rabbit hole: Why men turn “Gay”

Not what you expected, right? Why gay, you ask? The short answer: It’s a fact that we are witnessing nowadays an increase in the gay community and divorces while proportionally, we are witnessing a decrease in long term or serious relationships and marriages and I figured that the “why men turn gay” is the most extreme example to explain this variable.

A fact about gay guys (in brief): there are 4 types of gay men.

  1. Biologically gay (around 5% of gay men): the third interstitial nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus has been reported to be smaller in homosexual men than in heterosexual men along with other biological reasons reported bla bla bla .
  2. Family surrounding effect (around 12% of gay men): It was reported that a guy who grows up in a male surrounding with lots of brothers, no mother or sisters has the tendency to turn gay.
  3. Take what I can find and fashionably gay (around 8%): This category is for straight men who are unable to get a long term relationship with a female because of physical or mental reasons, so they take whatever they can find hence men with such a weak personality that they turn gay because it is in fashion nowadays. In short term, losers.
  4. Straight to gay (75% of gays): How many times have you heard in real life or in movies “he is so good, he must be gay”. This category is for guys that go from straight to gay.  These are the gays we will be discussing.

Ok fact; I m not gay and I can never turn gay because I see men, all men, as disgustingly ugly with their looks, smell, hair everywhere, habits starting with myself (my “Mr. Big attractiveness calculator” in terms of guys equal to zero which I will explain in day 2). So what prompts a guy that is so good to turn from straight to gay must be huge.  And eventhough I can never do,  I can atleast understand and so should you.

Think about it for a second; he is straight = he loves women. He is good (good looking, strong personality, confident, charming, cocky, funny, smart……) He doesn’t falls in the first 3 categories, he can get a one night stand, short and long term relationship with a girl or any girl and yet he opts for guys.

This change goes through the following categories from

(1) loving girls which leads to long term relationship to

(2) liking girls which leads to short term or friendship relationship to

(3) girls are predictable to

(4) girls are boring to which both leads to one night stands relationship or very short relationship based on sex to

(5) the hell with it, guys are better which leads to becoming gay.

Personally, (scratch Misses Big which I will be talking about in future days with regards to what makes her special) I have been stuck between the 3rd and 4th category for a long time now and it is impossible for me to cross to the 5th category (gay).

The majority of girls not knowing what to do and how to act is pushing guys to the opposite team; that’s the extreme case though the majority are opting to stay single and jump from an affair to another hoping to find one of the 10% of the girls that understand men while the rest have just given up this quest and believe that it does not exists. Females’ intentions of a loving respectful long term relationship are true much more then men, but it’s the means that justify the ends for males.  We will be handling these “means” in this series.

Fact: Men, well most of them like to be in the 1st category (long term relationship) even if they don’t admit it, ask their closest friends, you will know it to be true. So why do straight “good” men turn gay? Because of the simple reason that’s less than 10% of girls falls in the 1st category (fit for long term) which makes them scarce, taken or hard to find. There are so many factors that make you fall in that category and it’s much more than being honest, sincere or even gorgeous; I will be teaching what it takes to get there.

Conclusion of first day: “Everyone can be in the first category, whatever they look like, think or feel; it’s up to you and it is under control if you want it.”

You’re probably bored, Hold on for a second. You might even be thinking of dropping out right now, and instead spending your time more constructively (or so you think) in front of the make up box, diet book, dating books , mirror or shopping.

That would be a big mistake. And when I say big, I mean humongous. You see, if you forego the next segment of the series for the dubious advice and charms of Dr. Phil or Cosmo’s boring articles of what to do and what not to do (did that didn’t we, yet still in the hole are we) you’re going to miss out on one of coolest relationship variables in the next series .It’s a little thing I called “Mr. Big attractiveness calculator” and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that once you’re on speaking terms with it, you’re never going to look at a relationship or men the same way again. But hey, don’t take my word for it… toss that remote aside and come see for yourself in the next few days! Till then, au revoir.

Mr. Big



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  1. Waw, that’s a cute article, thank you. Can’t wait for day 2

  2. “Future Misses Big” huh??!! We’ll see! 😉 But it’s nice to see your confident.

  3. hi its jodie,
    dylan garfoot is the biggest dick eva but my best friend fancys the pants of him
    what shall i do?

  4. sound good…. thanks for the out-look on the male life lol smile…

  5. Thank you for this, appriciated!
    תיירות גאה

  6. Amazing advice!!! Where do I find the rest of it?

  7. if there is a soulmate for everyone , then why am i still single

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