Sisterly Love

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Oh what a joy to have a sister.  One that you love and that loves you back.  One that makes you proud.  One that you can share stuff with.  One who stands up for you and supports you.  One that you find to be the most adorable thing that ever walked.  That’s the upside.  I find it amazing how the person that you could love the most can also within seconds become your biggest enemy.  The thinnest line that ever existed between love and hate must be the line between sisters who are less than 5 years apart.  I don’t know if any of you can relate but imagine this scenario. 

All is great.  Love is in the air.  You are so happy to hang out with your sister.  You compliment each other, listen and give advice, stick up for each other, do each other’s makeup, keep secrets, borrow each other’s clothes, go on and on about how you have the greatest sister ever.  Something wrong is said, someone got hurt or something was borrowed that shouldn’t have been and then within  seconds, all the love flies out of the window and you two are preparing for World War 3 where only one gets out alive.  Words that you never imagined start flying out of your mouth including threats, secrets and accusations that are mostly false. But all is fair in love and war. Other things tend to fly too in some situations like combat boots, heavy objects and anything else that comes to grip.    Sadly my mom and dad and anyone else who will listen become the referees of a war that will hardly ever be won.   

My poor mother thinks she is a failure of a mom because she couldn’t raise up two ladies who love each other and never fight.  She doesn’t know that when girls get down and dirty, it can turn into a much bigger mess than when guys do.  And our fights can go on for months unlike guys who punch each other a few times and call it a day.  Half of the time, we end it just to prove to our adorable mother that she did do a good job at raising us.  She never had these problems with her sister because there was a bigger age difference and she got married and moved away at a very young age.  Unfortunately, me and my sis are not even close to getting married and moving away which means we can schedule a blowout once every few months (that’s if we’re talking).  

To get to the reason I wrote this… over Christmas, the drama started AGAIN and I overreacted more than I should have and said a lot of things that I shouldn’t have been said because I didn’t mean any of it.  I still believe I was right and I won’t back down from that but I will unhappily apologize for the way I reacted. (Mom I hope you are reading this).  I was just very hurt.  I do love you very much although I still think I will need some more time not talking as I hate to be the first to throw in the towel.   

And on another note, don’t we have the best mother in the world.  She really did raise such a beautiful family 😉 


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