Restart Please!

January 18, 2008 at 5:49 pm | Posted in Dear Diary | Leave a comment
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Have you ever had one of those days where your conscious is killing you. You wake up and you just feel terrible. It usually happens when you overdo something like maybe drinking / eating too much or spending too much money or having an argument with someone you love. It can also happen after you repeat a mistake that you know the consequences of but you still do. Well in the last week, I managed to do them all.

It’s days like these that you wish you could restart since obviously you can’t go back in time and replay. I’ve decided to ground myself this afternoon and focus on the following facts:

1. I will gain weight if I eat too much and don’t exercise.

2. I am not a millionnaire. I don’t have to buy everything and anything that I like or things I don’t need just cuz they are under 20$ or on sale.

3. I am not 20 anymore to go to parties with twenty somethings drinking and dancing until 5 in the morning with crazy energy.

4. Never have an argument with a loved one when you’re not in a good mood or if you’ve drank too much.

5. Never repeat a mistake or action that you know what the outcome will be, as tempting as it seems that it might be different this time.

Aside from that, all is well 🙂 I’m gonna bum around tonight and watch Rush Hour 3. Chris Tucker always manages to make me laugh no matter what the situation.


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