Session 2 : How do men categorize the relation they want to have with women?

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When you first started reading this series, I promised you that you’d have a whole lot of secrets about men that will change the way you handle any relationship for ever. If you’re the cynical type, you may be feeling that I didn’t keep my promise. After all, how much have you really learned so far. I hear you.

In Part One of this series, I gave you a brief introduction to understanding men’s behavior. I also showed you the basics of what women are up against nowadays, and promised you a more interesting session today, that is if you made it after yesterday’s boring lesson.

Today, I will prove that whatever you think you look like, gorgeous, normal or less then average; with the right behavior, you can get any man you want to love you. Can you hear me now?

Good, Let’s get on with it; how many times have you heard or said the following: “he left me because she’s more beautiful then me” or “he left me because I am not beautiful enough for him” or even “Look at me, I am a hopeless case”. If you never heard these sentences before, lucky you but if you did, stick around; because things are about to get interesting.

Back to school: The “Pamela Anderson Test”Here is a question: out of 10, how much do you think men give for the physical appearance of a girl? Based on my experience and my male and female surroundings, I was led to believe a girl should score 6 to 7 out of 10 as average for a man to start being serious about her. So if she doesn’t score 60 to 70% in a guy’s eyes in terms of looks, she’s a helpless case. I believed it to be true till the “Pamela Anderson test” popped up which led me to believe that men only based a maximum 40% on looks, when it comes to seriousness in relationship.

Let’s put my theory as well as other answers to the test. (I love tests). To prove that the looks factor doesn’t exceed the 40%, I created the “Pamela Anderson test”. Why Pamela Anderson you ask, beside the fact that she’s the sex symbol of the 21st century, I have my reasons (yummy).

This test consists of asking your male friends, brothers and even your father (if and only if your mother is cool enough to hear your father answering about other women) the following question: “Would you date Pamela Anderson”. And if you want non biased responses not based on your charming presence, you can do it as a survey on a community site or online. Go ahead, try it. You will get an average of more or equal to 60% of men saying yes to that question.

Now try the same test on another site but this time add Miss Anderson’s photo in her famous red Baywatch swimsuit and ask the same question. Trust me when I tell you that this percentage will spike up to at least up to 75%. What had happened here; well you woke up men’s basic sexual instinct which proves that men are really looks oriented and hence that you are right and I am wrong with my 40% looks theory.

Not helping my case I presume; well if that’s what you think, think again. Let’s do the test in a different way by asking a different question regarding Miss Anderson: “Would you marry and make a family with Pamela Anderson”. I am quite sure that the answer “yes” won’t exceed the 25 % in men (weirdos). Now add the same Miss Anderson red swimsuit picture to your survey and you will see a clear percentage increase that may go to a maximum of 40% “yes” answers.

What did we learn and what to conclude from this test?

First we proved that men are looks oriented with 15% increase in “yes” answers when we add a picture to a survey. But give men some credit, although look oriented, we used the top sex symbol currently alive, and looks alone in its best cases didn’t pass the 40% margin of “yes” answers for question two proving me right that men only based 40% on looks and 60% on behavior. Wow, we are left a whopping 60% to ace in this series.

Well if this test didn’t prove me right because it is based on assumptions still, history will. Let’s take the case of really gorgeous sex symbols in our recent history and what happened to them when men based their relationships with them on looks alone. Marilyn Monroe thought she got a president, poor girl, little did she know that he only wanted to ….. (u know what) and most recently, same happened with Anna Nicole Smith and we all know how these two cases ended up (RIP). One did escape that fate, Bridgette Bardeaux, well almost escaped because I wouldn’t say substituting men by animal activism is the optimal escape, so Pam if you are reading this, better start getting used to pets.

“Mr. Big attractiveness calculator”.

I know what you are thinking “about time”. True enough, so let’s get to on with the action. This calculator I have created based on many people’s experiences as well as my own which is not bad in terms of quantity and quality of relationships; translates how much men want to be with a girl and the kind of relationship they want have with her into a score out of 100; e .g: if your score is 53 out of 100, men in general wants to have maximum a short term relationship without any future commitment. A 47 score out of 100, will lead to maximum friendship and 64 points score, you are in the serious to long term category.

The score is divided into two segments, the first called “behavior” and the second is “looks”. “Behavior” is based on your behavior in the presence of a guy you like and how much your behavior attracts him. It has a maximum score of 60 points out of 100 points. The second is “looks” and it has a maximum score points of 40 out of hundred. If men in general based a maximum 40% on looks when it comes to long term relationships (as proven in the Pamela Anderson test), and keeping in mind that I cannot judge how you rank in physical appearance without seeing you. So unless you’ve been hiding in a cave for the last few years, I will assume that you score 20 points out of 40 maximum points in term of looks that is the equivalent of 5 out 10 for you mathematical geniuses out there.

As we said, men decide what’s the maximum relationship they want to have with a you based on how much you score on the “Mr. Big attractiveness calculator”, so If you score:

· Less than 40 / 100 on the calculator (20/40 “looks” points and less then 20/60 “behavior” points), you fall under the “dismissed” to the “one night stand” category (Shocking isn’t it that men even if they don’t like something, are still able to sleep with it).

· 40 to 50 points out of 100 on the calculator (20/40 “looks” points and less than 30 / 60 “behavior” points), you fall under the friendship category.

· 50 to 60 points out of 100 on the calculator (20/40 “looks” points and less than 40 / 60 “behavior” points), you fall under the short term relationship category.

· 60 to 70 points out of 100 on the calculator (20/40 “looks” points and less than 50 / 60 “behavior” points), you fall under the serious category which can lead to a long term relationship and even marriage.

· Above 70 points out of 100 on the calculator (20/40 “looks” points and less than 60 / 60 “behavior” points), you don’t fall anywhere, you are a dream girl now.

So which one are you? Although I can’t alter your “look” factor in this equation, it is always better to score as much as possible in this class; I will leave that to the beauty magazines and the shopping centers. My aim in this series is to make sure that everyone who is reading it learns to increase their “Behavior” points to at least 50 out 60 possible points so they always fall under the “serious” category. Sounds hard, doesn’t it; trust me it is easier than you think as you will notice in coming sessions.

In the next session of our ongoing saga, I’m going to teach you how to do something that’s definitely not for kids. It involves getting down and dirty with what to not to do, what to do and how to do it so you achieve on the 10th session of this series, the minimum 50 “behavior” points necessary to put you in serious category of every man’s type, well at least the straight ones.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Till then, arrivederci.

Mr. Big



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  1. I tried the Pam test with my friends. And almost all of them said no. I think your point about looks only being 40% is true.

  2. men misjudge sexy women and dont give them a chance…insecurity i say is a BIG problem

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