Amsterdam’s Red Light District Revamps

January 20, 2008 at 10:49 pm | Posted in Around the World | 10 Comments
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We’ve all heard about the famous Red Light District and some of us have even visited out of curiosity.  But the general reaction when us ladies hear that name is of disgust as it one of the most famous spots for prostitution and drugs.  Well the good news is that’s not the case anymore!!! 

According to Reuters, the city council is revoking old sex club license and offering them to young designers for free (for one year at least).  Atleast a dozen of designers have already moved into what used to be the full windowed small rooms where prostitutes used to display their goods.  Eventually, the main display of goods will be clothes and handbags. 

Sorry Guys!! lol



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  1. This is a real shame. Perhaps you should study the history of The Netherlands and the reasons for tolerance before you celebrate. Things will only get worse as prostitution and drugs are moved to the streets. I don’t worry too much though, we kicked the Nazis out once and it will happen again.

  2. Really? Handbags and clothes? This area will make a great shopping mall. A 700 year tradition of tolerance – not the sort of thing you christian yanks could understand one suspects. I have enjoyed the clean athmosphere and calm of traffic free streets.

    If I can sit outside a coffe shop and smoke a joint legally, so what?

    If a woman chooses to work as a professional and someone else will pay her reasonably to do so, so what?

    I think you have a very narrow mind, and have littlw worldliness from your own experience. LOL indeed.

    D’oh more like.

    Sorry about the flame but reaaaallly….

  3. bravo… man… american and just got back
    from there…..50yrs old…best damn time of my life…lol

  4. I am a Canadian and I think that tolerance is the way. There is nothing wrong with consensual sex even if money is involved. The only thing I would be concerned with is the spread of AIDS… but as far as the red light district and consensual sex? I see nothing wrong with it. I agree, I find some U.S. citizens very intolerant, ignorant and unwilling to change. Sorry, but in my experience it is true.

  5. Americans perhaps really believe you’d burn in hell if you indulge in sexual intercourse with a prostitute. They prefer to keep things in family, with all members of the family, blessed by the priest.

  6. I am going to Amsterdam tonight for 15 days. I am THRILLED. I am American and love to asorb the different cultures. Alot of OLDER Americans and right wing nuts are anti fun. I say so what if a girl wants to show off her goods before you buy! Womans got to make a living somehow. Intolerance is everywhere but in the bigger scheme of things who really cares. I live my life you live yours and if you have a problem with legal prostitution… Go back to America where it is ILLEGAL and causing CRIME.

  7. I’m Australian and I love your beautiful city. Unfortunately it will not have a red light district for much longer judging by the amount of muslims in your country! 30 years from now Sharia Law will be enforced because you cannot see the enemy within. They despise you and are biding their time. Check the demographics dear people and be afraid!

  8. By the way, I think it was the British and Americans who kicked the Nazis out!

  9. I agree with Kyler. Legal prostitution has way more benefit than not legal. For a few examples: collect taxes both ways (you required to pay tax to fuck and to be fucked is still required to pay tax). Less crime in raping, child molestation, and most one is less divorces. Why less divorce, you will find out in legal prostitution countries. Open up up-tight and coverative Americans!

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