Are You Career Happy?

January 20, 2008 at 2:38 pm | Posted in All in a Day's Work | Leave a comment
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I spent most of my morning in one long meeting.  I got out, went and had lunch and now here I am talking to you.  It’s funny, now that I have gotten into the swing of the Blogworld, I never go anywhere without my blog notebook.  I write any and every idea that comes to mind.  I can’t tell you how fast that notebook is filling up.  My only limitations are slow internet (as happened this weekend) and not enough time to post everything.  So if there are any days that my blog isn’t pumping out material as usual… give it a few hours or one day max and all will be back to normal (unless I post otherwise).

Back to the subject of work… I am personally very happy at my job.  Considering that 80% of your life is spent at work, I hope that all of you out there are atleast satisfied with the way you spend most of your day.  Of course, even the best of jobs can have down days or even down months where you’re ready to throw in the towel.  But when you find a job that gives you more ups than downs, it can significantly improve your life.   

After sitting here and thinking a bit about what types of things to look for to really assess whether you are career happy or not… I found the following sources online that seemed helpful to me as the average employee. 

1.  An article to figure out if you are happy in your job:  Are you Happy in your Job?

2.  An article about finding the perfect career:  14 Steps to Finding the Perfect Career

3.  A quiz about which career is good for your personality:  What Career will suit your Personality?

4.  How to increase productivity and lessen stress:  10 Tips to be more Productive at Work


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