Amazing Travel Guide by Estonian Air

January 23, 2008 at 10:19 pm | Posted in Around the World | 1 Comment
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I have been searching for some good and brief guides about Thailand since our group has decided that Bangkok and Phuket are our next destinations of vacation.  And I’m so psyched, that’s pretty much all I can think about.  Of course, when I get enough info or I have enough energy to do a full research I will put a good post on Thailand, but until then this website should do. 

Somehow I came across the Estonian Air Travel Guide.  I guess its a kind of value added service for customers and potential customers… I think it’s amazing!  It’s the like ultimate lazy person’s guide to the world with info in pdf format of almost any city you would consider visiting.  The available info includes: 
• Do & See
• Top 10
• Event Highlights
• Hot Tips
• Eating
• Cafés
• Bars
• Nightlife
• Shopping
• Sleeping
• Essential Information
• Map

I attached a sample here of Bangkok.  bangkok_en.pdf


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  1. Great post! Found another site which I must admit has come in handy while working remote: TravelMonks

    They have a pretty good dynamic map of a lot of places and things, like this one on nightlife or this one on wireless internet places.

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