Rest in Peace Heath Ledger

January 23, 2008 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Newsflash | 1 Comment
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I’m sure almost everyone is well aware now of the passing of Heath Ledger.  I am still in shock and I’m very saddened that someone who is only 28 lost his life to an unnatural cause.  You can check out the NY Times article for the full story. 

It’s feels too real and that’s what scares me a bit.  When we were younger, most of the celebs and people that passed away did not really affect us because we did not grow up with them (or watching them) or have a very close connection.  But as we get older, it’s a terrible feeling to see people who you became accustomed to or that are your age pass away or even face problems.  First it was Anna Nicole, now Heath, and Britney is going crazy and might be next if she keeps it up.

I hate times like these because its the biggest wake up call there is.  LIFE IS SHORTER THAN YOU THINK SO ENJOY IT AND TRY YOUR BEST TO MAKE IT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE YOU CAN!


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  1. A wake up call it was…Heath was a beautiful person. I was working when it was being discussed, some lady came in and said “I’ll bet it was drugs that killed him…” That caught me off guard to hear the automatic assumption that addiction played a role. In the end to an extent this was not inherently true but the concoction was accidentally so robust it ultimately killed young Heath.

    We don’t know what breath will be our last that much is so true. We have the power in this moment only, in right now. It is the best we all can hope for to follow your words here and try our best to make the most. . .

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