The Neverending Meeting

January 23, 2008 at 11:23 am | Posted in All in a Day's Work | 1 Comment
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Sorry I have been writing less in the last few days but I have been so busy at work with meetings all day long.  The peak of my week was the monthly meeting held yesterday for 4 HOURS!!!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.  They should add that onto the list of chinese torture cause it works.  I mean how many things could your brain actually think of during that much time.  And since its a reporting meeting that doesn’t require much interaction, you are left to your own entertainment that whole time.  So while I was sitting there about to kill myself, I thought of what to do to keep myself busy next time.

Before the Meeting:

1.  Bring any work you need to catch up on

2.  Print out any interesting online reading material that you would like to read (some ideas are articles to your favorite magazine, info about a new country, personal emails, etc)

3.  Tell your friends to keep messaging you as much as possible.

4.  Try your best to find a suitable reason to be atleast 30 min late. 

During the Meeting:

1.  Review all the papers you brought in with you.

2.  Write your work and personal to do list for the next week.

3.  Go to the bathroom atleast 3 times

4.  Write a love note to your “other half”

5.  Write your Happy List as I suggested in a previous post

It goes without saying that you should continually look at the speaker and look interested.  If you are writing something, make it look like you are taking notes, nod your head every once in a while, give an informed glance every once in a while to another cooworker in the meeting.  You may have tons of other ideas (which I would love to hear) but these should be enough to get you started.


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  1. i sooooooooo hear you…thanks for the tips..

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