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February 2, 2008 at 12:32 pm | Posted in Around the World | 1 Comment
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I haven’t been in touch with my best friend (I’ll call her Bambina) for the last week.  I’m wondering if she made it to “Carnival” in Brazil.  Bambina has a love for Brazil more than any other person I know and she has been waiting all year round to go to one of the best parties on earth.  Of course, she invited Angel and I but I think it may have been a bit too extravagant for our taste.  But looking at the pictures now, I kind of wish we went. 

Looking up into the subject, the Carnival in Brazil is one of the top 10 parties held in the world according to Forbes “World’s Most Decadent Parties” which also includes The Running of the Bulls in Spain, New Years Eve in Las Vegas, Oktoberfest in Munich, & Bastille Day in Paris.

So if anyone is looking for a good time, choose your best timing and find your party.  There’s something for everyone year round.  As for you Bambina, CALL ME I’M WORRIED!


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  1. Babe don’t worry, love you loadz, if the whole world would celebrate carnaval, we’d have world peace 🙂

    See you in Brasil carnaval 2009 !!!

    Love u loadz

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