Earthquake in Lebanon, but what about Tsunami??

February 15, 2008 at 4:19 pm | Posted in Eye on Beirut | 5 Comments
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An earthquake was reported earlier today in Lebanon (Tyre) with a magnitude of 5.0 .  Link.  Tremors were felt all throughout Lebanon and some of the Middle East.  According to Michel Hayek, who usually predicts the year’s events for Lebanon on the New Year, Lebanon will experience alot of Earthquakes this year.  Tyre has already felt a few in the past week or two but nothing more than a magnitude of 2 to 2.8. 

Earthquakes are nothing new to Lebanon.  It is a well known fact that Beirut has been buried 9 times by earthquakes and tsunamis in the past.  The last reported disaster hit in 551AD wiping out all the coastal cities of Lebanon.  According to National Geographic, the next Quake – tsunami should be due any day now.




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  1. well off course i dn’t believe it cuz tsunami cn’t happen in sea!!

    • true(K)

  2. i think that this is soon to come true… tsunami will happen in lebanon in the sea…and its gonna droun mora than half lebanese countries…
    our biologic facts those days assure that such a disaster will cometrue as soon as possible

  3. I do not believe is such predictions. In fact, they are all predictions based on some unreliable facts. No one can know the exact date of an earthquake or tsunami. These are not related to the man, but to God. So let’s stop making people feel afraid. It doesn’t worth. Thank u

  4. I think we must be aware and take the history facts into consideration, the lebanese government should be more keen about this problem and take the appropriate steps to avoid the disaster before it happens. Unfortunatly the pride of the majority of lebanese turns them ignorants but at least they should not forget what the force of nature can do unless it happens and will be too late.

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