Nescafe : Take 2

February 19, 2008 at 9:23 am | Posted in Dear Diary | 2 Comments


It’s been one of those months where one new element comes into your life and your whole world is reshuffled to make room.  That new element for me was Hanx.  Ever since the last 6 months, my friends and I have fallen into a comfortable routine that just revolves around us.  And that’s the way we like it.  “We” consists of Fonzy, Sita, FKU, Stevo, Babycakes (me) and Sammy boy.  We go to coffee during the week, play Game Night on Thursday, go to parties together, travel together, discuss pressing issues about the world together 😉 and support each other.  It’s one of those friendships that you pray will never end.  The only problem with this is that sometimes one change in any of our lives can cause a ripple in the status quo.

My friends have been so supportive of me in the last month with encouraging words, giving me some space and being patient.  But from my end, the buck stops there when my actions are the cause of someone else’s discomfort or when I can’t be there for the people who mean the most to me.

This brings me to the subject of Nescafe … In September 2007, Fonzy and I became the walking depiction of Nescafe.  I’m white and he’s dark but we blend together so well.  It took a matter of a week for us to become great friends and we haven’t split since.  He is the one that made my transition to Kuwait so smooth and I know for a fact that under any other circumstance or without him there as my friend and brother (gym buddy, chauffeur, confidant, teddy bear and fear of flying coach), I wouldn’t have been 1% as happy as I am now. 

Eventhough he never stressed on the subject and was fully supportive by giving me space and always a smiling face, I know that he was the most affected by this change in my life.  Especially since he needed me more than ever this month to be there to during phase he was going through.  Ok enough drama.  In conclusion, we talked last night, put it all on the table and cleared things up.  I know what I have to do and he knows what he has to do.  Yeah things will change a bit, but it’s up to us to find a situation that makes the both of us happy and comfortable.

To show how serious I am about how important YOU are to me.  Consider this a written notification that NESCAFE is back on track and will never go Black (get it?!).  LOLLLLL.




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  1. thanks babe for this wonderful post. Just remember always that I will always be here for u, no matter what…. we will all be here for u. We all love who you are and having you with us. mwah!

  2. MOUAH!

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