Fish Reflexology (a Go or a No?)

February 21, 2008 at 9:25 am | Posted in Around the World | 3 Comments
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Singapore has a variety of creative ideas to enhance beauty, one being Fish Reflexology.  I’m not too fond of the idea and it makes me a bit sick when I think about it at 9:00am in the morning but who knows.  This may become a worldwide breakthrough trend within a few years so I’m giving you the heads up now.  Check out below the intro that gives on the subject.

“Experience a unique and revitalizing therapy, complete with a foot massage at Fish Reflexology, Underwater World. With soft lightings, calming sonance of a river stream and feet relaxed in a warm pool, witness a school of Turkish spa fish swim up and gently nibble on your feet. These adorable little fish consume only the dead skin areas, revealing your smoother and healthier skin – the perfect way to exfoliate and pamper your feet.

Following the “nibbling massage”, our qualified foot reflexologists will rub and knead your feet to good shape.”

Package A (40-min) – S$35* per session
Spa Fish Pool Dip – 20 mins (preparation time up to 5 mins)
Foot Reflexology – 20 mins

Package B (50-min) – S$50* per session
Spa Fish Pool Dip – 20 mins (preparation up to 5 mins)
Foot Reflexology- 20 mins
Head & Shoulder Massage – 10 mins

Here are some other interesting Links I found on the subject:





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  1. Santosa Island is so cool! I went there last year! The Underwater world is so COOL! Its like sklator takes u around the “underwater” : )

  2. Amazing photo! I’ve been to Singapore and Santosa island long ago..loved it!

  3. Wow!!! Today I read about fish reflexology and geisha bird poop facials. I should start making a list of interesting spa treatments.

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