Fonzy’s Take on Thailand

March 5, 2008 at 10:02 am | Posted in Around the World | 6 Comments
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For everyone interested in knowing how our trip went in Thailand or who is interested to really get a great idea of what you’ll see in Thailand and attractions to visit, visit  Fonzy gives an amazing visual and rhetoric recount of Bangkok and Phukhet.  I think it’s exactly what’s needed to make a decision on whether to visit or not.  Now that’s a true tourist.  Keep it up Fonzy. 

 A Tour through Phuket

Thailand’s Islands

 Tourist Attractions in Bangkok

 Bangkok Nightlife

Funny Thai Tour Guide

Downtown Bangkok

Boatride through Bangkok



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  1. mwah 🙂

  2. those posts wore me out!!! i had to go through 500 pics!!

  3. I know but my mom absolutely loved them. So I am thankful cuz she wanted me to show her pics of Thailand and tell her all about it and as superficial as I am, I told her… Check out hehehehe. Mwah!

  4. loool good one! good to know she checked em out 🙂

  5. hey babycakes and fonzy…thanks a bunch for all th articles and picture of both puket and thailand…defenitly helped in our choice of a honeymoon spot..pukhet looks like a slice of heaven..thanks again guys

  6. Great post! Found another site which I must admit has come in handy: TravelMonks

    They have a pretty good dynamic map of a lot of places and things, like this one on nightlife or this one on wireless internet places.

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