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Good morning everyone…  It’s 8:24am in the morning and I’m sitting at my desk on the verge of falling back asleep.  My daily cheese sandwich, turkish coffee and bottle of water have just arrived, so hopefully within half an hour I’ll be ready to start my day.   This has been one of those impossible work weeks where no matter how much effort you make, your heart is just not in it and work is the last place you wanna be which makes the world day THAT MUCH LONGER.  The good news is that the weekend is just one day away which brings me one day closer to the beauty of sleep, getting together with my friends and seeing my family in Lebanon next week.  yaaaaaaaay.  It’s amazing how time can literally move at a pace slower than slow motion when you are looking forward to something.  But that’s fine… cuz suspense is what keeps life interesting.  Anyway , I don’t even know what I came on here to say.  Just felt like talking so I’m freestyling my thoughts and not really getting anywhere. I think I’ll really try the freestyling thing one day when i’m at home and see where it gets me.  Freestyling meaning I’ll set a time frame (like 10 min) and not allow my pen to stop moving before that time is up.  Until then, whatever comes to mind must come out in order for the pen not to stop.  I’ve tried it before and it can be quite therapeutic and interesting. 

Alrighty then, the caffeine is starting to kick in so let me get back to work before I get fired 😉  Speaking of caffeine (or addictive goodies), I miss my Nicorettes!!!!  It’s been a week that I’m Nicotine free and who knew that I’d ever miss Nicorettes more than I would cigarettes.   It’s not e ven about the Nicotine kick but rather that they were so entertaining to chew.  They are harder than normal cigarettes, longer lasting and have a pepper / strange taste that grows on you with time. 

Sorry for sidetracking.  I guess that’s a symptom of withdrawal hehehe.  Have a great day!!!


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