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Yesterday Hanx came over and I was downloading music and I made the mistake of letting him hear the music I was downloading to the likes of Celine Dion, West Life and Total Eclipse of the Heart.  LOL.  I’m starting to believe that these meaningful love songs were only made for us girls cuz I don’t think I’ve ever heard a guy listening to them unless maybe it was by Bon Jovi or Scorpions.  So then I told him about movies and other things that make me cry and how I enjoy letting it pour out.  Excitedly waiting to see what songs and movies move Hanx… I get nothing.  hehehe. I should have known.  But it was kind of a relieved anyway cuz afterall we would love a man to be maybe 2% more emotional but more than that might be going overboard. The only time I actually had a guy admit to dropping one tear during a movie was during “Armageddon”  when (or because) Bruce Willis dropped the tear before he saved the world. lollllll. My goodness men trully are from Mars. 

I personally love a good cry now and then.  I hate keeping things in.  So a once every few months “Sob session” is such a good remedy to let it all out and refresh 🙂  You just have to find out what does the job for you…. Movies, Songs, Pictures, Memories, Novels, Onions 😉

If you need some help, check out Associated Content’s list of :

Saddest Movies

Great Movies Guaranteed to make you Cry **** 

(I give my seal of approval on this list – with special emphasis on The Notebook). 


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