The End of Earth?

March 13, 2008 at 3:51 pm | Posted in Newsflash, Surfin the Web | 1 Comment
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According to a NY Times article, Kissing the Earth Goodbye in About 7.59 Billion Years, the future doesn’t look too promising for our beautiful earth.  To think that everything we are fighting over right now and all those breathtaking landmarks and man made monuments we have invested into making our home an evolving masterpiece could all be history one day if no alternatives are considered.  And those alternatives can’t be as heroic as Noah’s arc or a grand global gesture against Global warming, because according to these scientists, the sun will take us out no matter what happens. 

So basically our only choice is to move to other planets if rendered feasible.  As for memories of earth, I guess maybe they can set up libraries of books as well as museums holding pieces of the Pyramids and the Grand Canyon and an Album of Micheal Jackson (hehehe).  No seriously, although it’s very far fetched, its quite sad to think about. 


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  1. shud i start packing? 😛

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