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Here I am again… In front of my post editor and wondering where to start.  It’s been a while since my last post and I honestly don’t know why.  Yes I travelled twice and yes I’ve been quite busy between work and Hanx and my friends but no that’s not an excuse to slack off of my blog. 

It’s funny how everything in life is all about getting used to habits.  Making new ones, breaking old ones, and falling into a comfort zone.  I’m not sure how long it takes to actually turn a habit into a lifestyle of a permanent fixture in someone’s life.  Example:  How long do you have to go to the gym before you become one of those people who need it to make their day better or before you love it?  How long do you have to not smoke before you’re a non smoker.  How long do you have to blog before your laziness doesn’t affect your motivation and consistency. Or is it that bad habits never really die… they are just temporarily or permanently dormant as long as you are consciously making sure it stays that way.  I was just wondering… 

Although I haven’t been blogging recently, I’ve been reading alot of blogs and have seen alot of interesting stories.  Some things that have happened with me in the past month would be:

  • Travelled to Lebanon twice:  The weather in Lebanon is absolutely beautiful now.  The situation is calm and Cedar Miles is having it’s 50% reward on any flights made until May 15th.  While I was flying over the country last time about 15 minutes before landing… I saw the most beautiful green mountains and valleys with small villages in between.  I had no idea that Lebanon had such beautiful areas to visit. 
  • Last night I watched Stardust starring Robert DeNiro, Michele Pfeiffer, Claire Danes and Sienna Miller.  I loved it.  But I’m warning you guys… It’s more of a fairytale girls movie.  I would rank it up there with Cinderella 🙂 

By the way, Michele Pfeiffer is crazy beautiful.  I mean the woman is 50 years old now and is more beautiful than she ever was.  Not to mention more beautiful than most 20 year olds out there.  Times Online did an interview with her called Age Becomes Her.  It sure as hell does!

  • I bought Hanx a set of Dvd’s from Virgin called Planet Earth by BBC and they seem to be amazing shots all around the world from underground to sky shots.  According to the package and their website, it took 4 years to put together this 5 cd set.  So that’s what I’ll be looking forward to watching this week.
  • Have been going strong on the South Beach Diet.  I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight which is working for me.  I linked you to the Wikepedia link so you don’t have to pay on line for the plan on the official site.  Basically, just drop the white things for the first two weeks like “sugar, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes” and dropping sodas will help too.  By the third week or fourth week, you can start introducing some wholewheat carbs back into your diet but not too much of it.
  • Fell in love with a new song… actually it’s not new but I only heard it about a month ago… Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band.
  • I’ve been assessing travel options for this year and these are the places on hand:  

               1.  Jordan – Going for a tour and wedding in August 

               2.  Turkey – May be going sailing with a group at the end of July.

               3.  Spain

              4.  New York – I really want to visit during Christmas because its the most festive place to be during the holidays. 

              5.  Amsterdam – The PLMA Exhibition (for Private Label worldwide) will be in effect in May.  So I may have to go there for work.  For all those interested in new opportunities… This is the market to be in. This will be the second year I’m going back.  And I’m happy to visit as the canals of Amsterdam are just amazing.

Ok I think I’ve talked enough.  Until the next burst of energy 😉



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