Exotic Cats as Pets?!

April 15, 2008 at 11:27 am | Posted in Around the World | 1 Comment
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Yesterday Hanx asked me if I would be interested in having an exotic cat as a future pet.  Now that’s a “future question” I never expected to hear so soon.  LOL.  I mean, yeah girls love to talk about the future but not when it involves death;) Although I must admit there was a time where I was in love with how cute the baby tigers looked…. Now that my brain has grown, I know now that cute stops the second that tiger gets hungry and then sees you as his next meal.

Of course, I said NO regarding the exotic cat thing… That was the quickest answer I had ever given.  But for anyone of you that are actually considering the Exotic Pet Trade,  Exotic Catz website gives alot of beneficial information on the subject and also the cautions that come with it.

In brief, you can choose among small cats some of which include Leopard, bobcats, caracals, puma, cougar and lynx. Or you can go for it and try your luck with cheetahs, leopards, mountain lions and tigers. 

P.s. Hanx if you are reading this, just because I researched it doesn’t mean (even for a second) that I considered it 😉 Mwah!


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  1. uhhh….i hope you really know that that animal is a freekin tiger!!!! it will eat your HEAD off when it gets older. and…and there is 2 of them! geez…i dont know if your dumb or ya think its cool….but lemmy tell ya…bad idea. no offence but i wouldnt do htat. and…a lepord is probly evven dumber. they hunt buffilos and drag other dead animals up trees. cuger anit so smart either. but whatever. wishing you luck. buhhbye.

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