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Ok the hardest part of losing the weight is over.  I’m at a pretty decent weight now and everyone has noticed and is complimenting which must mean that I’m ready for Step 2:  Becoming Fit and shaping my body to its best possible bikini body shape.  So it’s time to hit the gym full force now once again.  As inspiration, I am keeping this picture above close by because in my opinion, airbrushed or not, that’s the ideal body.



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  1. plz tell me wat diet ur doin!cuz i feel nothin works:S

    and that pic IS an inspiration!

  2. Well let me clarify something. I have lost alot of weight, but i still am not even close to looking like her. But basically, I’m doing the South Beach Diet or more specifically. I’m not eating the following:
    1. Rice
    2. Pasta
    3. Potato
    4. Bread
    5. Diet Coke or sodas
    6. And I’ve cut down on sugar.

    At first it sounds like a hell diet, but i swear after 4 days, you stop even getting hungry and you start dropping water weight at first and then a few weeks later… the real fat starts dropping.

    Good luck!

    • Hi. I am desperate to loose weight. I used to have a great figure that i loved but have put on more weight than i am happy with and want to get back to the way i was.

      I have seen the diet you recommended…if this is what you are not eating, what does your diet actually consist of? The biggest problem i have is that I am always hungry and all too often i give into temptation!!


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