The Morning Routine

April 23, 2008 at 11:00 am | Posted in All in a Day's Work | 4 Comments

It’s 10:00am and I just finished up my morning routine… Actually I finished it about an hour ago but its one of those days where I’m not in the best mood to work or work full heartedly so I repeated my routine twice.  My company is lucky to have me 😉  Ever since being in Kuwait, I have developed a no fail routine that keeps me quite happy during the week.  Here’s how my morning routine looks:

  1. First Alarm goes off at 6:50am …. Snooze
  2. Second Alarm goes off at 6:55am….Snooze
  3. Third Alarm goes off at 7:00am… Usually I wake up at this point (if I’m lucky)
  4. Get ready, grab an orange juice out of the fridge and leave for work at around 7:35am
  5. Get to work at around 8:15am, order the regular Turkish Coffee (with little sugar), water and a glass of ice 
  6. Check my work mails
  7. Check my personal mails
  8. Check my facebook
  9. Check my blog
  10. Check my feeds
  11. Chat with FONZY and Angel
  12. Talk to Hanx
  13. Start work at around 9:00am

The routine is something I’m very comfortable with and have grown used to.  Yeah sometimes I add some extra spice into it (like maybe i’ll get Dunkin Donuts coffee instead of the regular) but my morning routine is quite consistent and organized.  I find it really interesting to see how people create their own routines for daily life and how different they can be from the next person.



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  1. u forgot chatting with me while sipping on ur coffee!

  2. LOLLLL. Very true. I’ll update it tomorrow morning. Remind me during our chat. hehehe

  3. This is where you and I have always been different lol – I hate routine, and I vary the routes I take to work, sometimes I take the metro sometime I bike soemtimes I rollerblade, sometimes I wash my hair at night, sometimes in the morning, sometimes at the salon … Sometimes I arrive in the office at 8:30 AM sometimes at 9:45 AM, just to break the cycle !

  4. Yeah but between your spontaneousness and my organized attempts… we’re still best friends 😉

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