The Divorce Party

April 23, 2008 at 10:19 am | Posted in Girltalk, Love & Marriage | 5 Comments
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Yesterday, I attended my first Divorce Party.  Not sure what to expect, I tested the idea out on a couple of people and this concept is definitly still new and quite controversial.  Although after looking it up on the net, it seems to be the newest type of party to gain popularity.  I even found a book entitled “How to Throw a Divorce Party”. 

Anyway back to the subject at hand… My best friend (the divorcee who I might add absolutely deserved that party) invited 10 of her best friends to a trendy restaurant, brought her cute little pink paper stamped by the Government and wore her best dress.  The topic of the night as you may guess was “how shitty men can be”. I probably shouldn’t be making this info public but come on you guys… Girls talk about that stuff whether they are at a party or not.  Plus you guys aren’t much better 😉

I was the only Single/ Not married / Not divorced person there so I had a lot of stories and advice to learn from.  What astounds me is that these were such lovely and interesting women, yet some were divorced twice or just getting divorced or separated and trying everything to get the divorce.  Some were after 10 years and some after 20 years of marriage.  I don’t know the exact story for all of these women but I couldn’t imagine the feeling of leaving your lifelong companion after 20 years. 

I hope I never reach the stage where I’ll be considering a divorce party but it was definitly an occasion worth attending. 



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  1. Yep divorce is not very nice until you know you are better off!

  2. “I was the only Single/ Not married / Not divorced person there so I had a lot of stories and advice to learn from. ”

    My God help him 😛

  3. When a huge group of divorced people gather together for a fun and games Party — and you’re someone who shares that experience — it becomes a meaningful, valuable event. We’ve been hosting these Divorce Parties monthly in Ft. Lauderdale, FL at Christopher’s Night Club and 300+ people are having a ball! See us on at Largest Divorce Party and visit to learn more.

    Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

  4. Hehehehe I know a couple of friends who would love to throw a divorce party if they knew such a thing existed 😛

  5. Sad but true, most of my friends are on their 2nd marriages, or dating after 2 divroces… it makes me wonder whether these couples initially married for the wrong reasons, married very young, or wether the marriage institution, like all institutions today, has weakened as a result of modernisation, couples are less patient, sex is free, and women believe they can live without a commitment to one man for the rest of their lives… I remain a hopefuly romantic, and I hope that couples who are opting for marriage later in life (in their 30s) could make it last with one partner forever.

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