The Phobia

May 2, 2008 at 5:26 pm | Posted in Dear Diary | 2 Comments
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These last few years, I have found myself increasingly worrying about things that never used to bother me before… From one year to the next I started getting more cautious about flying, driving on rain, driving down mountains and basically putting myself in situations where I wasn’t in control.  There was no stimulus for these fears, no tragic accidents or really bad turbulence, just fear. 

One reason I had loved Kuwait was because there were no natural disasters or scary incidents.  Dust, thunderstorms, no big deal.  Then I got stuck by myself in the middle of Salmiya during the last storm and I ended up somehow in the backseat of my car on the floor crying with the wind, the rock sized hail and the swirling dirt.

Without knowing, I had developed my newest phobia… The fear of the sand storm.  Every time I see a little bit less visibility I go into panic mode thinking that I need to get to my house just in case.  And that panic has led me to cancel outings, hate my drives home to and from work and just ruin my mood altogether. Being such a recent event, I hope I will get over it soon and not let it turn into another real phobia. 

I am sure now that I either need to see a psychologist or I must come to terms that this is all a part of growing up.  Whatever it may be, I’m just happy it finally rained last night and that May is almost over so I can get back to living worry free (atleast when it comes to natural disasters).




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  1. well kuwait is dust capital, so u really need to come to term with it or else ull be in big trouble!

  2. good grief woman, u need to be brave and understand that humans are not as fragile as you have been led to believe. next sand storm just stand there in the open and shout defiantly !


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