For the Thrill of Gadgets, Politics and Success

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If I were to change this blog to suit my boyfriend’s interests, I would probably change the name to “For the Thrill of Gadgets, Politics and Success” with special focus on the Gadgets.  As excited as we girls get about love stories, beauty products and clothes; its nothing compared to the absolute fascination that appears in Hanx’s eyes when he discovers something new or the passion that he speaks with when he argues about politics.  Unfortunately I don’t agree with staying up to date on the politics atleast in this region but I find being in the know about the “latest gadgets and products” quite interesting.  There are so many cool products that most of us don’t even know existed or could exist for that matter.  Hanx’s latest item of interest is the Watch Phone (pictured above) as well as Colored Faucet Lights that change colors depending on whether its hot or cold water.

Anyway, since I’m sure most of you men have an interest in gadgets as such, here are a few sites that collect the new products selling on the global market.  I’m sure Hanx has some better sites that he refers to but I’ll leave those to him to disclose… (I’ve been trying to convince him to guestwrite on my blog. His writing style and knowledge impress the hell out of me)

Coolest Gadgets

Tech Fresh

Strange New Products

Think Geek

Gadget Guild


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