A Birthday Message to My Baby Sister

May 12, 2008 at 11:44 am | Posted in Girltalk | 3 Comments
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Today marks your first day as a 26 year old.  What a beautiful number and as such it should be a beautiful year.  This is the year that starts your transition into an adult.  You won’t notice it right away but in the next few years, your opinions, view about life and overall attitude will change.  The good news is that you have four years to really live your 20’s for what they should be. 

I know this may not be as easy as it sounds being in Lebanon.  It’s strange how some people fit there and some people just don’t belong no matter how hard they try. I know you have alot of dreams and are not necessarily satisfied with what you are doing right now… but keep in mind that all you have to do is try your best at whatever you want to do and when it’s really your time to achieve that thing, you will.  Don’t worry about the stupid things that aren’t worth it because it won’t get you anywhere… but upset.  And to be upset during these beautiful years are just a waste of time because there are so many things that you can do.   You can take risks, you can have fun without caring what others think, you can travel the world with your friends because most of you are still single, you can enjoy quality friendships, you can switch jobs until you find what you’re looking for because you are not yet responsible for a family, you can still tolerate loud music and party your butt off ;), you can literally make a life change and then change your mind after you’ve turned your world upside down and noone will judge you for it. 

I want to wish you a beautiful beautiful year and tell you that I’m so proud to have a baby sister like you.  Actually you’re more like a bigger sister sometimes but somehow that’s a good balance.  Always look at the good things, don’t pay too much attention to the bad.  Don’t try to keep up with me because you already passed me a while back.  Hell, if I had half the looks and qualities you had, I’d be like “World Hold On, Here I come”. hehehe. I’m sure you could imagine the dance I’d be doing while I was saying that.  One of my “so called dork dances”.  You should try them once in a while.  I swear they are so much fun and not as embarassing as you think.  I love you baby. If you ever need to fall back on someone, I’ll be right here. I have so many other things I want to tell you but I’ll keep that for you in person when I see you in a week or so. But until then, have alot of fun and enjoy this week.  I love you so much.

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  1. loved the way you said it, keep it coming! קידום אתרים

  2. This is not the one that I want… :@

  3. i like your comment my baby sister likes it!! God bless you…

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