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Samba commented on Angel’s post “From Cinderella to Bridezilla” using a quote by a Brazilian journalist called Luis Fernando Verissimo which says:

“When you think you have all the answers, life comes and changes all the questions”

This quote touched me alot because it is very very true.  You never know what life is going to bring you.  And as I commented in the Angel’s post, you think you have everything figured out and then overnight or over a second your life can change with the addition or subtraction of one single element.

As my own personal example:  Within in the course of two weeks, I had went from being sure about my job and life in Lebanon to packing my suitcase to board the plane to Kuwait. And as of that moment that I got the job, the whole direction of my life had changed and all the answers that I had searched hard to find and had convinced myself to believe were no longer relevant.

I think if you really think about it too much, it can be quite worrying because that means that your future is not at all your own.  But it can also be very refreshing that there is a path out there for you and so many new avenues you can take that you didn’t even know about.

I really did find this quote to be meaningful and I wanted to share it in case someone hasn’t yet got a chance to read Angel’s post on her preparations for marriage.


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