A Thank You to Everyone Who Destroyed Lebanon

May 20, 2008 at 7:41 pm | Posted in Eye on Beirut | 2 Comments
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I am completely appalled by this month’s cover of Times Magazine entitled “The Divided World of the Middle East“.  Our politicians should be ashamed that they allow outsiders and insiders to ensure that our country will never live up to it’s true potential.  They should be ashamed that they allow publications sold all over the world to make sadly true statements like : “They (The Gulf) demonstrate that there is no reason why those two adjectives should not live in the same breath — or why Beirut’s fires, which were the symbol of a region’s past, should illuminate its future“.

They should be ashamed that all of the Lebanese kids have no place to call home other than the Gulf, Europe and America because they can’t come home.  They have no security, no stability, no voice.  Nothing but stress of making enough money to send home and the worry that their families will be ok.

Instead of respecting the beauty of Lebanon and the strategic position it has, they sell us all out so they can make a quick buck and get their 15 minutes of fame.

Congratulations!  You ruined yet another summer!  You managed to lose thousands of youth who were Lebanon’s future because you forced them to leave.  And each and every one of them is desperate to get any other passport because they know that their own will not ever do them any good.

I am absolutely DISGUSTED!!!



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  1. i am equally disgusted my dear and very sad aoubt what happened and is still happening in beloved lebanon..still i keep dreaming that the political leaders will wake up and put the interest of lebanon,not their egos and personal interests,as their priority..i was deeply moved by the interview with majida elroumi last week a day after the sitaution escalated in beirut…you should listen to it if you can…she soke from her heart and she said what i think many think and feel..among many things..she said..repeating a previous quote from a speech she gave at jibran twieini’s one year memorial that she has been adviced not to talk today because the others(eltanieen) will think you are with this group(elawlin)..and she bitterly asked “meen hine elawlin,wo min heni eltanieen…mish kilna libnaneieen””who are the first group..and who are the second group…arent we all lebanese?”which reminded me of another quote i think so true”devide and rule”…beirut,iraq,gaza..and the list extends…will we ever learn the lesson?i wonder
    something to really think about..isnt it

  2. What do you think can be done?

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