The Benefits of Vaseline

May 26, 2008 at 9:39 am | Posted in Get Gorgeous | 4 Comments
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Ever since moving to Kuwait, my skin keeps getting drier and drier.  I’ve decided to step up my moisturizing ritual religiously so my skin doesn’t get any worse due to the weather.   According to various sources on treatment of dry skin, there are 4 types of skin moisturizers – the most effective being Ointments like Vaseline Jelly and Oils. 

I tried the Olive Oil Mask and that worked wonders but I prefer that to be an intensive once a week thing rather than slathering on baby oil each time I get out of the shower.  It can be quite messy.  When I talk to people and look for the most effective moisturizer, it all comes back to Vaseline.  Whether it be cream or the Jelly for more intense action, it seems to be the most popular answer to very dry skin.

I have tried using the pure Jelly as an intensive night moisturizer to test its effects and it was very good but it can be messy so I think I’m gonna invest in the cream and keep the jelly for severely dry areas. 

More importantly, this little jar can be carried anywhere and apparently has alot more uses than I thought.  Check out these 50 Beautiful Things you Can Do with VaselineTyra Banks even swears by it

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  1. Yeah i love vaseline!

    Try Body Shop’s Body Butter…its so good i went thru mine in less than a month….they have an offer now, 3 for the price of 2…i would invest in that if i were u. The strawberry scent is the best one in my opinion.

  2. im a big fan of vas.
    especially for my feet!

  3. I love it for my feet at night and then put my socks on…. in the morning very soft feet, it GREAT!

  4. I find it so encouraging that I’m not the only person out there over the age of 20 who doesn’t know any of this!
    Time to learn *about all of it*.

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