What Would You Ask People to Pray For?

June 4, 2008 at 10:16 am | Posted in Surfin the Web | 2 Comments
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After watching Bruce Almighty a while back, I loved the concept of a prayer database.  I don’t know, maybe it’s the idea of voicing your prayers out loud or writing them down and not just keeping them in your head but more importantly, sometimes its consoling to think that when more people are praying for you and with you, it may have a bigger potential of coming true.   I looked around online and I found some interesting and quite popular sites such as Online Prayer Requests which allows anyone to post their prayer requests – regardless of religion or background.  Another site is Pray About.com .  And if you prefer to call it wishes, you have sites like Newest Wishes or Random Acts of Kindness.

I personally would wish or pray for continuous happiness (inner contentedness) for my family, friends and I. Because no matter what comes and goes (material things), if you aren’t contented inside, it doesn’t add up to anything more than temporary happiness. 



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  1. I was in a bible study where part of the requirement was to keep a prayer journal, at which I scoffed, but I did it.

    It was an amazing experience. When you write down what you are praying for, you get to go back later and check how things turned out. What I learned was how often prayers were answered, how very unexpected many of the answers were, and how easy it is to forget what you have prayed for once the prayer is answered. Like we move on.

    The prayer journal helps you remember to say Thank YOU! with genuine awe and appreciation.

  2. That is a great idea actually. I never thought about that. I’m going to try that. But the thing is my prayers are quite general as I mentioned earlier. They aren’t for specific things unless for example I’m on a plane and I’m scared of plummeting to my death ;). In that case, I am quite specific.

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