Would You Try for an Impossible 94% on Chemistry for a Maybach?

June 11, 2008 at 9:47 am | Posted in Girltalk | 10 Comments
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Yesterday at dinner,  Hanx’s uncle told us the most recent offer he gave his son (who is now studying in AUB).  The relationship between Uncle H & his son is the classic case between a parent and a child in the first years of university. The parents want the child to get straight A’s and focus on their future whereas the child just wants to have fun.

So to try to sway his child to do the right thing, he gave him the following option in his worst courses (which he is next to failing):

“If you get a 94% in your Chemistry and Biology course, I will buy you a Maybach as your graduation gift.  Will you take the offer?”

Here’s the catch… It’s next to impossible to get a 94% in any course at AUB and everyone including other universities in the States know that.  So you would have to study your heart out and kiss major professor butt to have a 50% shot at a score like that.

Unfortunately the kid declined because he is realistic in his strengths and weaknesses.  Or maybe he values enjoyment of life over A CAR THAT EVERYONE DREAMS OF.  WHAT THE HELL!!!  I would take the Maybach!!! But that’s just me…. I’m the Type A compete till you die type. 

Actually my dad pulled a similar stunt with me.  He bought me the newest 525 BMW and every time my my grades dropped below a B, he would take the car away.   I am feeling kind of ripped off now though.  I mean there is no comparison between a Maybach and a BMW.  And I fought just as hard 😦

Either way, I loved the concept.  So which would you choose? The Maybach or the Good Life?



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  1. i would prefer having a piece of shit car and live my life than half a super car an no life….

    and i say this not out of preference but cos its a fact and actually did make that choice 🙂

    i salute his kid! PARTY ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Life akeed!

    im so not into cars

    but i could do with more cash

  3. yeah, life b4 cars, i’ll definitely turn it down coz i sure luv to groove. yyyyyyyyyyeah thats how its done here in nigeria

  4. life is fun and we all have the power within to do many things and some throw it away!

    This wealth thing where you need to work on a few specific goals is the dream of the one who holds the gold. Pushing ideals on youth is an age old tradition. Life is hard period! I’d go for the 94% but stage parties to drive the old man crazy then dis-own him when I prove the 94% was impossible (if it is) and a cruel jesture on his part with no intent of honorship (thats your father). As honorable as the intent is this deal involves 2 (related) people who are both dreaming in a sense to have their way with one another, again another age old tradition of wisdom over youth. Fighting amongst family over what????
    Life is to short for ancient traditions like this.

    Funny how family can treat each other as non-family with little squables? Just give him the car and some cash and cut him off while you are at it “before” sending him to AUB.

    Thats what parents did to my friends. They were so wealthy and detached this is what they did.

    A few friends sank but the others swam, basically
    love your kids who has time to fight over life.

    To each his own!

  5. this is a hotttt car!!!

  6. I wish we could raise kids that work hard for the grade for the sake of the challenge. I worked hard for the teachers that challenged me, and accepted the easy B’s in courses of little value. I worked hard when it counted but enjoyed college immensely.

    I graduated from high school with honors. My parents gave me a clock radio. I graduated from college with a degree in engineering. My parents gave me a pair of CZ earrings. The real prize was the pride on my Dad’s face at graduation.

    4 years later, they paid off my student loans. I went through school like it was my money.

    All that hard work paid off – we bought a sparkling black BMW Z4.

  7. its a vision for us in iran to have a hyndai sonata…
    so maybach…………!!!!!!!!!!

  8. thank you very much,nice car

  9. Saying he would take the car and making the effort to get it are too completely different things for a person of any age.
    Feeling like you’ve been “ripped off” is a product of your spoiled existence; which is only slightly more so than my-own.

  10. hi
    send this car to me so that i will advertise it here in nigeria iam in AdamawaN state Of Nigeria Adress is Abti Academy Yola Nigeria thats is my work Place.

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