For All You “Friends” Addicts… It’s Quiz Time!

June 12, 2008 at 9:15 am | Posted in Fun 'n Games | Leave a comment
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One of the best creations of the last decade had to be the “Friends” TV Sitcom.  I can honestly say that this TV show singlehandedly gave me anticipation, happiness, something to laugh at, people to relate to and a cure for boredom for 10 years.  And the amazing thing about it is that it never gets old… And if it does, give it a month or two and then it’s brand new all over again.  Another great thing about that show is that the writers managed to somehow create regular down to earth characters that almost everyone can relate to.

There are levels of the fanhood when it comes to “Friends”, there are those who just enjoy watching the show to relax every once in a while, there are those that have watched every episode and can watch it many times, then there are those who can literally quote every line before it is said on the episode.  I would probably be in the second category and that’s only cuz my memory isn’t good enough to remember all the lines. 

I have found some really good “Friends” Quizzes that range from easy to crazy hard for anyone who wants to test their “Friends Knowledge”.

Quiz Set #1     (I loved these)

Quiz Set #2

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