“The Moment of Truth” Ruins Marriage

June 12, 2008 at 3:01 pm | Posted in Fun 'n Games | 5 Comments
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I am really stunned by what people would do for money and fame.  The latest TV show that has got me addicted is “The Moment of Truth“, every wednesday at 8:00pm on MBC 4 (in Kuwait).  The concept of the show is to answer all brutally blunt questions honestly with a chance to win 500,000$ if you answer all 21 questions.  Some sample questions that are asked on the show are stuff like :

  • Have you ever lied to your spouse about the number of people you’ve slept with?
  • Do you fantasize about cheating on your spouse/partner?
  • Have you ever taken something from a store without paying for it?
  • Have you ever made a sexy video?
  • Have you ever posed nude?
  • Do you have fantasies you’d never admit to anyone?

The problem is, you can’t lie because the lie detector will scientifically prove whether you are stating the truth or just a lie.  As entertaining as it may seem to outsiders, I don’t see why people would put themselves through that agony for a quick buck unless they trully have nothing to hide.

If you want to be absolutely stunned by one episode of a wife who loses her husband because of the show.  Watch the part of the show that ruined their marriage.  LINK



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  1. I was watched that exact show on tv. I was passing between rooms and it was on. I glanced at it for a bit thinking it was Millionaire but then I heard a few of the questions and was feeling sorry for the husband.

  2. Just finished watching it. Wow I cant believe the questions and then she still thinks she is a good person!?

    I cant believe these shows exist.

  3. I thought i spotted her husband hugging her at the end, hmmmm.

    oh and they know exactly what they are getting themselves into coz they have taken the lie detector test BEFORE the show.

  4. I felt so sorry for the husband… he seemed like such a sweet guy. Broke my heart…

  5. Yeah i followed up on the updated interview with her. The two are still together trying to work it through but not under the same roof. I’m surprised he’s even giving it another shot. It’s pretty obvious she’s not interested WHATSOEVER.

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