For the Groom: 181 Things to Do Before You Get Married

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I have no idea how I landed on this site but I found it so cute.  Usually all the lists, tips and suggestions are dedicated towards women, but this post “181 Things to Do Before You Get Married” gives a decent rundown for men to follow.  What’s surprising is the mix of suggestion type.  I’m impressed.  You have suggestions that represent responsibility, boysplay, organization and of course panic.  Below are some of the suggestions.

1.        Get your finances in order

2.        Have a bachelor party

3.        Buy new underwear

4.        Buy a house

5.        Travel to Europe

6.        Get a prenup

7.        See her without makeup

8.        Make sure you’re financially ready- SAVE, SAVE, SAVE

9.        Throw away all traces of past relationships

10.     Reassure friends that they will remain important and spend time with them

11.     If you’re sexually a bit curious, visit a gay bar to check out those feelings before taking the plunge.

12.     Do something really, really nice for the future mother-in-law. Call it “insurance.”

13.     Get in shape

14.     Get plastered and then sleep as late as you want.

15.     Have as much sex as possible, before the wedding band cuts off circulation. 


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