Do You Get Pretty Woman Syndrome?

June 19, 2008 at 9:04 am | Posted in Girltalk | 3 Comments
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There is a part in the movie Pretty Woman that I’m sure almost every person (guy & girl) can relate to.  The part where you are low on cash or don’t necessarily make enough money to buy items in the store or restaurant and you get looked down upon by the salesperson or you feel that you need to buy not to look like a chump in front of them. 

You can also see a similar scenario in Friends with the episode of “Monica’s Boots” where she buys the boots that are more than her rent because the salesperson looked at her in a way of “you can’t afford those.”

Yesterday, me and my sister and Hanx were presented with a situation like this at Courtyard Marriot.  We were really hungry but of course low on money since it’s the end of the month and we’ve already travelled twice.  So we asked about the price for the buffet which turned out to be 10KD.  Under normal circumstances, this isn’t a bad price but in dire situations, a bit of realism is required.  So Hanx & I thanked the waiter but went to the restaurant next door (Il Forno) which is just as good.  My sis ended up getting so embarrassed and wanted us to sit for the buffet so we don’t look cheap. 

I was thinking about it… Usually the waiters or salespeople don’t make that much money and are regular employees as we are therefore should understand if we can’t pitch larger amounts of money.  So why do we find ourselves in situations where we try to prove ourselves in front of them to look good keeping in mind that we’ll probably never see those people again?  This could apply to a clothing shop, restaurant, hotel, or almost anywhere that has someone serving you.

So what would you do in that situation? 

Option A:  Look good and cash out the 10KD knowing that there is a restaurant 5 steps away for less

Option B:  Decline to the salesperson’s face and ignore the thought that you are being judged by the salesperson (which is probably all in your head by the way)?



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  1. I HATE that look.. I don’t know why salesmen look at how a customer looks like!

  2. Good point! They probably make less money than a lot of people who shop or dine where they work… Thankfully I haven’t experienced that look a lot even though I’m always dressed like I’m heading to the gym, and when I do get them they’re in boutiques… I hate the pretentious ambiance of those places.. hence I avoid even window shopping there =)

  3. If you will spend extra money just because someone gives you a “look” then you are a sales person’s ideal target. You might go to another restaurant because you can’t afford it, but you might go elsewhere even when you can afford it simply because you are being wise with your money.

    The person who walks across the street to a restaurant that is a better value may be rich because they follow the same principle in other areas of their life. 🙂

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