Naked Sushi

June 19, 2008 at 1:00 pm | Posted in Delicious Delights, Guestwriters | 7 Comments
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By Hanx

The Japanese have always been known for their uncanny creativity and if you’re a Sushi lover and welcome female nudity, there’s a place where you can enjoy both.   Although the concept was born in Japan, NYC’s Cheetah’s Club and Restaurant did not hesitate to bring it into the city’s already wild night life. Sushi, served on a naked woman’s body (or what I call “fish on chicks”) is what makes Cheetah’s such an original and/or controversial place to visit. Here’s what Frank Bruni, a New York Times restaurant critic, had to say about it:

“The young lady’s nipples shone under the purple-gel spotlights but my companions and I were more interested in the uni than the yoohoo yingyang haha. Cheetah’s is a lascivious playground for the brave sushi lover where delicate sushi and sashimi, prepared by Blue Ribbon master Shinsaku Yamakage, are placed over the glistening pallid flesh of similarly delicate women. One of the supine geisha-cum-tables enquired if I or my buddies would like anything stronger than the Arnold Palmers we had in our hands, making, “You wanna sip something harder?” sound almost X-rated. We demurred. After all, we had an African dance class later and this was but a Sunday tea party.”

I’ve never been to this restaurant or anything of the like,  but the idea of having raw fish served off of a naked person’s body (beautiful or not) is not something I find too appealing; I find it rather nauseating. I would rather have them served separately ;). For the people who find this idea ingenious and wish to experience it for themselves, here’s the link to Cheetah’s NY: Cheetah’s Gentleman’s Club & Restaurant. Suit yourselves!




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  1. Wee3 how can women go this low!

  2. lol…
    the naked chick looks extremely uncomfortable.

  3. There are sicker things :S

  4. meh … it works for some people ….

  5. EEEEK!

    3ad once i was watching E! tv…and they had a show where they interviewed women who did that in Las Vegas.

    You wont imagine how well they are payed.
    Im not sure now….bs basically they pay them by the hour and usually one job lasts from 2 to 3 hours. Bs they do very very very very well for themselves.

  6. what wud happen if that guy picking what looks like a crab sushi at the bottom missed? 😛

  7. Very Funny Fonzy!!! What do you think?! But I would love to be there to find out what happens to you when you do a smart move like that 😉

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