How Old is Nawal Zoghbi?

June 24, 2008 at 9:51 am | Posted in Music Box | 10 Comments
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After seeing pictures of the lovely Nawal Zoghbi at a recent wedding in Lebanon, my work colleagues and I at work had an argument of how old Nawal Zoghbi actually is.  According to Wikipedia and other sources online, she was born in 1972 which makes her 36 years old.  This shocked most of us because between the number of years she’s been on the scene as well as the many upkeep procedures she has done, it’s hard to believe she’s only 36.  No matter what the age, she is still one of the most appreciated beauties and talents in the Middle East, but is she really only 36?



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  1. the bride used to be our neighbor :p – I think you saw the wedding on Facebook huh 🙂

    Well, yeah she does look young and I loved her dress! allah yekhalle el masari!

  2. Yup. Facebook is a great source for pics 🙂

  3. She probably is 36….but because shes done so much work on her face it has made her look more plastic and much older than she really is….the opposite of what she probably intended!

  4. That said….she will always be one of my favourite lebanese stars ;>

  5. She looks good but I think her lips kharribathoom.. it was better.. now it looks abnormal..

  6. well she’s 42 years old, me and nawal went to school together…

  7. she is best of women in world
    i am in iran

  8. For me she is the top, really the top

  9. Nawal El Zoghbi has always been ne of the most bautiful Lebanese singers check out her makeup…م-ونوال-الزغبي/

  10. she is the best,the top and beautiful really i like her sooo much

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