When Reality Punches You in the Face

July 9, 2008 at 9:46 am | Posted in Dear Diary | 3 Comments
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A few days ago, two people that were in AUB during my time died in a car crash.  Fonzy was pretty hard hit because he knew them very well.  I remember them from around but I wasn’t very close with them.  After talking to some more of my AUB friends, it turns out another person also died a few years back who we knew quite well.  I’ve been looking at the different pics and videos everyone has been posting in my Facebook network about the two guys that recently passed away and I’m in disbelief.

It’s so easy to get caught up in your life and worry about the smallest things that can bring your whole day down… and then something so tragic comes along and makes you realize that you are wasting your precious time on the silliest things and that you should really be treasuring every second that you are given.

It hits you hardest when someone your age or someone very close to you passes away unexpectedly.  What’s worse is that the world keeps turning and after a few years, things start to fade. And these images and videos are all that people will have of that friend they used to know in university.  It’s such a sad reality.  I’m not feeling that good at all today.  God Be With Them. 



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  1. alla yer7amon, I know it’s hard and we never give it much attention, that’s why death is a lesson to us *sigh*

  2. allah yr7amhum inshallah

  3. i was very moved by both you and fonzy’s articles about our collegues and althoguh i didnt know them just the idea deeply saddenend me vut led me to think of something that i never really thoguht of before..it was bitterly funny for me to relaize that no matter what we do(unless we discover something that rally benifits the world)when we are gone so little is left of us,all what is left are random memories that are in the hearts and minds of our loved ones and a few pictures,however the majority of us wake up everyday and start our sruggle not to only survive and live in dignity only but to be successful,rich,and/or beautiful(in my case a success junky..hehehe) while we forget whats important and what really counts..being good,being kind and enjoying life as we live it without obssesing about tommorow and losing the taste of today thinking we will live forever,,something to think about..right?

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